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Title: My 88 R5GT Turbo
Post by: cathalGT on 20:37, Sun 06 January 2008
I'm sure this car has been seen before as it was bought from the UK last june
anyway heres pictures
Picked up my Renault 5 GTT on monday 4th june - The journey begins

Forge Double alloy Intercooler - fitted before I bought
Red Samco boost hoses - fitted before I bought
New gearbox/clutch/starting motor - installed july
Under carriage waxoiled - before I bought
Louvered bonnet 54lourves - before I bought
Reconditioned Carb myself - in September
New Leads/Dizzy Cap/Rotor Arm/Ign Coil installed Oct
Installed new fuel pump and fuel filter - on sat 15th December
Forge Alloy carb top - fitted Sat 20th Jan
Front Gaz coilovers removed - Friday 22nd feb
New OEM Shocks - fitted Friday 22nd feb
GMax 35mm drop springs - fitted Friday 22nd feb
New OEM fuel pressure regulator - fitted Friday 22nd feb
Bailey BOV - fitted Sat 23rd feb

Waiting to be fitted
Low temp fan switch
Custom made grillneeds to be sprayed
OEM Cold air feed to air filter
Plastic seal thingy for the windscreen to keep the rust away
New holder for the fuel pump and filter(bye bye cable ties )
OMP Strut brace
Chrome 1piece skuttle cover
Lockwood White Dials
Rocker gaskets
Screws for discs
1.4 main jet
.9 corrector

Post by: jure on 20:59, Sun 06 January 2008
Awesome car. Seen it before and its one of the rare black ones that i really like 8)
Post by: whooosh on 22:11, Sun 06 January 2008
looks very nice mate, rims suit it very well :wink:
Post by: R5_SPLIT on 22:12, Sun 06 January 2008
looks perfect  :shock:
Post by: LEE on 01:12, Thu 17 January 2008
That looks well sweet !! :D  :D
Post by: James5 on 11:38, Thu 17 January 2008
I can't view the pic   :(
Post by: H150GTT on 14:32, Thu 17 January 2008
Did ya keep the english registration on it??

Any time I went down south with mine the garda always pulled me in to check I had a north licensce  :evil:
Post by: cathalGT on 20:49, Mon 21 January 2008
yes still have the UK plates, will change it at some stage, its only €315
Post by: cathalGT on 14:27, Sun 16 March 2008
post 1updated with spec and more pics :roll:
Post by: James5 on 15:26, Sun 16 March 2008
Very nice car I have seen it before on RTOC. Used to be owned by Riki who used to do copy side decals for the R5 and other graphics. Very nice car.

Why you going to put a 140 main and 0.9 a/c. It's all in the 2nd stage matey to sort fueling out for high boost. Get yourself a decent wideband
Post by: cathalGT on 19:20, Sun 16 March 2008
Yea might invest in a wideband, not sure what jets are in it at the moment, but its drinking the juice like a ferrari lol
Post by: cathalGT on 01:21, Thu 03 April 2008
Post by: 5teve L on 09:33, Thu 03 April 2008
Post by: H150GTT on 12:49, Thu 03 April 2008
Seen it for sale on piston heads...  hope you got a good price for it..

Whats the plan now??  You getting anything french??
Post by: cathalGT on 23:12, Thu 03 April 2008
Going for a MR2 GT TBar if I can find one.
Will deffo buy another R5 in the future when I move to a house, in an apartment at the minute and its a pain working on it in the underground(dim lighting and no power)
Post by: 5teve L on 09:43, Fri 04 April 2008
2l or 2l turbo... ?
Post by: cathalGT on 23:38, Wed 07 May 2008
2L Turbo T-Bar
Meant to type gts t bar

watching the jap auctions daily waiting on something clean with low mileage
Post by: 5teve L on 09:04, Thu 08 May 2008
This isn't a t-bar but it was clean & has low miles. ... ?lot=18218 (