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Title: pics please
Post by: cavsri130 on 06:36, Tue 30 October 2007
for those of you lucky enough still to have the gt turbo graphics on the side of your 5, any chance of sticking up a picture of it. my local graphics place cant find a decent picture to get a copy of it to make them for me
and thanks in advance
Post by: laura on 11:41, Tue 30 October 2007

i aint got no pics or stickers but if you look on ebay they come up now and again or even try the french ebay, like ours but instead of, its .fr

hope you find what your looking for   :D
Post by: djmers on 15:25, Tue 30 October 2007
I hope these help !!

Phase 1

Phase 2
Post by: cavsri130 on 08:12, Mon 05 November 2007
( (

think this may help me