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Title: Need This ASAP Please...
Post by: Calyx on 22:45, Thu 18 October 2007
warleydaddy's email or phone number :) if his R5 is still for sale?

Or infact the tungsten grey R5 owners that bought the R5 from pistonheads at 2850 :(?

Post by: Goran on 09:20, Fri 19 October 2007
I think his 5 is still for sale, try registering at passionford forum, and pm him there... he's more frequent there... :wink:
Post by: Calyx on 13:00, Sat 20 October 2007
Sold :( Just missed it!


Still looking for a nice R5 Turbo ;)
Title: Looking
Post by: Lambrettaobsession on 09:49, Sat 27 October 2007
I've just picked up lovely 5 GT Turbo in red - 1 owner from new in the auto trader no less. I had to make 400 mile round trip but it was a pleasure coming back. Twisty little roads round the west coast of Scotland were lush.  

Mine is completely standard - red - with a box of paper work with it. Some of the old mots are a joke it had done 800 miles a year.

I had a 5 turbo when I was about 20 and I had to sell it as car theft was going through the roof and the insurance companies re grouped all the cars, making the 5 turbo a group 19 (bad)

Now I'm 37 and I have my car back again. My old registration on my first turbo was LBB (Little Baby Bombshell)  wonder if it's kicking about.