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Title: Nearly new R5 GTT for sale !!
Post by: LEE on 21:07, Thu 18 October 2007 (

Looks well mint, a good investment for someone !!
Post by: tree on 21:52, Thu 18 October 2007
If it's the seller I think it is..... he buys and then quickly sells (not usually for a profit) R5 GTT's, some nice low mileage ones. He's had a Raider for 4K and a G reg black one for 3K, this looks like his latest. Anyone else come across him before?
Post by: tree on 22:00, Thu 18 October 2007
It's on ebay and it is the same seller I thought it was. I bet he's only had this car for a few weeks. He buys them and sells on almost immediately, very odd. Anyone emailed him yet?
Post by: LEE on 23:35, Sat 03 November 2007
Someone signed the guestbook, think they have just bought it !!
Post by: JK on 13:06, Thu 15 November 2007
Alright people. yeah it's me I brought the 5. Still running sweet, just about to do the oil change on her!! :?