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Title: R.I.P
Post by: RickGTT on 20:28, Mon 17 September 2007
some of you may of heard that colin mcrae is dead (along with his kid) just thought that i should cay something as i like scoobys and that i dont think they will be where they are today without him.

Post by: jure on 21:08, Mon 17 September 2007
Real tragedy. He was living legend :cry:
Post by: Goran on 07:20, Tue 18 September 2007
Indeed... he will continue to live in our memories, and as someone once said: "Death is not a fullstop. It's a colon..."

May you rest in peace Colin... :cry:
Post by: 5teve L on 08:49, Tue 18 September 2007
Well now Richard Burns will have someone to race up there, a sad loss though, especially as his lad & friend were there as well  :cry:
Post by: RickGTT on 18:34, Tue 18 September 2007
maybe theres a curse for subaru drivers :shock:
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:24, Wed 19 September 2007
the man is and always will be a legend. what a shock it was to hear that about him.    on the news they compared him to a scottish general from world war 1 and other scottish heros. well desereved id say
its the colin mcrae stages in perthshire this weekend i think as well

rest in peace colin
Post by: whooosh on 12:36, Wed 19 September 2007
legend, rip colin :cry: