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Title: In need, indeed.
Post by: Shaedar on 20:35, Thu 13 September 2007
Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've last posted here. I've been mostly working and training my arse of, so I haven't had much time for things like computer and even my dear 5. Nightmare has finally ended and now I'm full of money and spare time :D.

First thing any real 5gtt fan would do, is getting some stuff for his 5. [check]
Roaming from dealer to dealer, asking about anykind of stuff, I've given up my hopes. My last resort were foreign dealers (K-Tec).
YES, they have everything I currently intend to a mass.
Cool, proceed to security checkout.
I own a maestro credit card, no problems were expected. Wrong my dear ol' lad. Here shit hits the fan (you know, the big one, the one it's been bothering you for days). It's "semi" maestro, because I'm only a student and bank doesn't approve the "real" credit cards to students, not even if you have millions on your account.
So I'm fucked.
Car is stalling, gaskets are blown, water pump and exhaust are rattling, temp. switches aren't working and carb is messed up pretty good.

Now we've came to the point, where you'll be enlighted why I'm crapping for so long.
I need your help.
Anyone from GB in near vicinity of K-Tec shop I ask you for your help.
Here's the plan I've came up with...

Since K-Tec won't send me things I need, without preliminary transaction (which I'm unable to execute), you can. You can buy whatever I need and send them over. All you need to do is to correctly "adjust" the post services, so the post will get me the package but demand money in return and payment of post charges + I will pay you something extra for your effort.

(Yeah right, wacko !)

I know how this sounds and I know I can assure you whatever you wish, but in the end, this is only internet and I can be a mass murderer or the most honest person in world.

This is my last hope. Make it happen.

Žiga (-Shaedar)
Post by: 5teve L on 20:38, Thu 13 September 2007
Can't you send a cheque to K-tec ??

Post by: Shaedar on 20:56, Thu 13 September 2007
Are you sure I can pay with cheque ?

Because if you are, I've just spent 20 minutes writting meaningless post, making myself a born-asshole.
And if this truly works, my problems are solved.

Post by: Shaedar on 21:03, Thu 13 September 2007
Payments: We accept Visa, MasterCard, electron, switch, maestro, delta and solo cards, cash, postal orders, cheque, bankers draft and bank T/T transfers. Please make cheques, postal orders or bankers draft payable to K-Tec Racing Ltd.

First read then post, the golden rule :?

MY PROBLEMS ARE OVER !!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm such an idiot.

Post by: 5teve L on 22:09, Thu 13 September 2007
Lol, no worries, glad you can get the bits you need now.

Post by: Goran on 08:27, Fri 14 September 2007
I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you, put you most probably cannot pay with a cheque... there is more than one reason to this... first of all, such a cheque will first have to be deposited at K-tec's bank in order to be validated (they make sure you have the money on your bank account), which is the so-called in casso procedure that takes about a month...
Secondly, they would probably simply refuse foreign cheques... :(

BUT!! There is a way... :wink: First of all, check your maestro card (which is a debit card, not a credit card btw) and see if you have the additional three numbers added to your card number (your bank account number)... these three digits are located at the back of your card usually separated by a space from other card numbers like this...


If you have this, then you can pay via internet just like with any other credit card or (as a last resort) use PayPall...
If you don't have this, ask your bank to issue you a new card with these additional numbers... any bank should do that without a problem, moreover, banks here in BiH are replacing ordinary debit cards with new cards bearing the three additional numbers as a regular procedure, so Slovenia should be even better than that...
If you have any other questions PM me... :wink:
Post by: Shaedar on 18:20, Fri 14 September 2007
I don't have those tri digits, bank won't issue me credit card because I'm still a student and cheques, well it just takes too much time (if it's even possible).

I'll try to find a way.
Post by: jure on 18:52, Fri 14 September 2007
You don't need credit card. You can have debit card. Any visa electron or other card have those three digit on the back. Make new card and register on PayPal - it really make thing better.
Post by: Shaedar on 19:12, Fri 14 September 2007
Guys I can't get those cards because I'm only a student. Bank just won't give me anything else than this one that I currently own (it's a debit card). It doesn't have aditional 3 digits (only 16), however it has maestro logo on it.
Bullcrap if you ask me.

I'll take a pic when batteries recharge.
Post by: RickGTT on 19:54, Sat 15 September 2007
i has same prob with my card then i asked for a replacement one as mine was damaged and my new one had the three digits on the back

try ask for a new card 8)
Post by: Shaedar on 11:59, Sun 16 September 2007
Things are finally sorted. Mother "found" a card she wasn't using it, because the account is empty. Now I have a card and an account, to use it only for internet shopping. Sweet, isn't it. 8)

You can't imagine my reaction, when she said "Oh look, I've forgoten this one.". I was just sitting on the sofa, considering whether to hug or stab her in the face, because I've asked her about million times if she has appropriate card.
All this fuss for nothing.
Post by: jure on 08:56, Mon 17 September 2007
Happy shoping.  :wink:

Hope your mother is still alive :shock:
Post by: Goran on 08:58, Mon 17 September 2007
Quote from: "jure"
Happy shoping.  :wink:

Hope your mother is still alive :shock:

I'm sure she's fine... you know how nice and polite people in Slovenia are...:mrgreen:
Post by: Shaedar on 09:42, Mon 17 September 2007
Quote from: "Goran"
Quote from: "jure"
Happy shoping.  :wink:

Hope your mother is still alive :shock:

I'm sure she's fine... you know how nice and polite people in Slovenia are...:mrgreen:

She's ok, it was just a messed up situation. :D

However, the card I mentioned before... well it doesn't work.
"Invalid card number". :(

I've been to some shops and asked them if they could get the stuff for me. Yeah right, dream on. :?

You're not so wrong about polite and nice, Goran. :wink:
Fortunately not all of us are like that.
Post by: Hafis on 20:12, Mon 17 September 2007
Mate now that u will be doing shoping just be sure u dont drive your car to a mechanic that fucks up your car everytime, just phone me and we gonna do it alone