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good cars for drags in Lithuania....Goran! You can read about the Lancia 750 Hp now!!!! :P  :P
Post by: chris tur-bo on 11:36, Thu 03 February 2005
Thats a noisy car that. Ive always liked lancia deltas. Not sure why.
An intresting site.
Nice one.
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Post by: y4n on 16:19, Fri 04 February 2005
good site :)
Post by: Goran on 18:03, Fri 04 February 2005
Yip... saw it... :D
Some interesting things can be found on that site...
What I didn't get is, that Lancia is from Lithuania or Sweden?  :?
Post by: Augis on 06:34, Mon 07 February 2005
Swedish Lancia came to beat the record of track in Lithuania..that Jonas from Sweden is a good friend of organizes of those drags... :)