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Title: hopefully buying a r5 gt turbo
Post by: matty j on 15:39, Sat 11 August 2007
Hello All

after searching long and hard ive found 2 gt turbos
first one (which im very favourable to and want to get in 2 wks)
is a red f plate gt with 94k on it
it had all the rust taken off and primed (besides alittle point at the back window)
and the engine is standard besides the exaust. Its in need of tlc but thats why i want it and comes completly standard besides exaust
and it runs

second white one with new clutch, gearbox, head, new water pump, driveshaft, exhaust and dump valve but has no turbo. its on a j plate with 125k on with a good service history. it needs welding on the passengers sill and side slirts and front bumper is cracked. also its on steelies

Im really intrested in both but can only have one so please help as you guys have a better understanding than me. ive told the first guy i intend to pick it up in 2 wks which i do but obviously i dont want to make a mistake so i need help on deciding really

Post by: RickGTT on 06:46, Mon 13 August 2007
first one sounds good to me
Post by: warleydaddy on 21:12, Mon 13 August 2007
Buy mine!!! :P

Post by: ben 5 on 14:18, Sun 19 August 2007
j plate 5 turbos are rare as rocking horse poo
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:06, Mon 20 August 2007
j plates are rare but it cant be up to much if it needs welding, saying that if your wanting a bit of work then the j plate is the way forward. if it has no turbo on it then you cant hear it running and dont know what the engine is like?!

where are they advertised so we can get a look at them?

i wouldnt let mileage or age of a car put me off
Post by: ben 5 on 20:46, Fri 24 August 2007
inner and outer sills are know to rot
you could see it running it will just be a bit noisey
Post by: NaylsGTT on 22:19, Fri 24 August 2007
j plates are'nt that rare,there are a few hundred of them about,the k reg ones are the proper rarity's with only about 5 left.