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Title: best insurance?
Post by: Ash_Turbo on 20:57, Sat 28 July 2007
whats the best insurance company to go to? i wanna beat 1400! 8)
Post by: tree on 21:33, Sat 28 July 2007
I used Performance Direct.

However, I am 38 with a garage, full NCB, a decent postcode and mileage limited to 5000. Car is totally standard, "modern classic" policy = 237 fully comp with agreed value.

Even with all these plus points some insurance companies would not quote on a GTT, happy to do so if it was a Turbo2, but not a GTT!

One of my mates has a 1984 Audi UR Quattro worth more than 6K and his policy is only 125 a year.....
Post by: ben 5 on 21:34, Sat 28 July 2007
money supermarket
searches loads of insurers for you

sainsburys for me at 300
Post by: cavsri130 on 07:32, Sun 29 July 2007
i fell out with performance direct. buy max power or the like. they are fill of ins companies. yellow pages will have lots of free phone numbers too
Post by: warleydaddy on 23:46, Mon 30 July 2007
What happend with Performance Direct if you dont mind me asking?Been with them for 5 years,and not a single problem??

Im with them,and as said above,im on a classic with mine too..

Agreed value,contents,etc etc 207 FC,but i have 7 NCD,and its alarmed,and an alarmed garaged too...

Just wanna say though,if you DO wanna try and put yours on a classic,it has to be 15 years old,and you have to insure a main car with them too..

Post by: laura on 16:10, Tue 31 July 2007
i just kept going on till i found a price and deal i liked, now im insured with sabre for 360 full comp 4 years protected no claims and im only 24. didnt think that was to bad at all, cheapest quote ive had since ive had the car

Post by: Ash_Turbo on 16:24, Tue 31 July 2007
yeah im with Adrian Flux at 145 a month. 19yrs old with no no claims!!
Post by: laura on 09:02, Wed 01 August 2007
yeah Adrian Flux is a good if you have a highly modified car. he specialises in modified cars so can do good deals.