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Post by: laura on 14:32, Mon 16 July 2007
hi peeps

dont know if you all know but its ultimate street car at santa pod 3rd, 4th and 5th of aug and il be going for my 4th year. hoping to see all you fellow 5's down there, unfotunatly i wont be taking mine as still out of mot at the mo :(   but nearly ready for a retest  :D

will be down there in a civic crx turbo which if your there and watching the track im sure ul hear lol   (very loud exhaust and screamer pipe), will be my b/f driving tho  :roll:

the civic wil be beating the cozzie this year so keep ya eyes open  :shock:

who else is planning to go?? many of you??

if not you should plan to its a great laugh and soooooo many phat cars to droole over lol

if i spot your car out il have to come speak to ya, so if you get this nutty strawbury blonde bird come and pest ya that will be me    lmao

just hope it dont rain  :D
Post by: RickGTT on 18:11, Mon 16 July 2007
i wanna go but will probaly be gettin train.
do you need to buy tickets if your just spectating?
Post by: laura on 08:41, Tue 17 July 2007
yeah you do, im camping for the weekend and on the gate i think its 55 and 50 if you pre book, 20 for just a day on the gate and 15 pre book.
id personally camp its a great weekend and thousands of people go but then it is up to you.

hope to see you down there     :D
Post by: 5teve L on 09:38, Tue 17 July 2007
Worth noting that this year you will NOT BE ALLOWED OFF SITE except for petrol & they apparently will be checking gauges, full admission price will be charged otherwise.
This is down to the 'CHAV' element of the weekend giving the local area's shit, speeding through vilages, abusing locals etc.
I may go but i'm not sure due to the above.
Post by: laura on 12:32, Tue 17 July 2007
well thats ok for us as we never go off site anyway, i find there is no need to.

would be good to see a whole group of rennys there, as you dont very offen get lots the odd couple but they are my fav and i would have a whole field of them if i could lol

hopefully see ya there
Post by: 5teve L on 14:51, Tue 17 July 2007
You should have gone to the FCS there was bloody loads of 5's, i missed it but have seen piccys on RTOC of the parade lap... looked awesome with so many 5's, standard,tuned,kitted, even a few with engine transplants, RWD cossie powered 5, VAG 2l 5, clio turbo engined 5, volvo engine in the rear 5..... there was even a few with the standard engine in the standard place  :lol:
Post by: laura on 14:54, Tue 17 July 2007
cool yeah sounds like i should of gone there.  where bouts was it? some of these things are a bit of a mission for me to get to coz there miles and miles away, but if they are weekend things thats all good coz i can take the tent lol  :D

we need a section for car shows.
Post by: DJ Dark on 04:03, Sun 22 July 2007
think ill be there prolly just goin up on the one day tho
Post by: whooosh on 08:36, Sun 22 July 2007
im probably going for the day but not sure which day would be best  :)
Post by: laura on 08:58, Mon 23 July 2007

glad some of you are coming going to be a great weekend and hopefully the weather will be good.

as for what day to go on id probley say sat but id have a look on the event listing see whats going on each day as they do have diff things going on each day.

think you should be able to see this either on santa pod web page or the ultimate street car web page.

if not i should be able to put a post on here on the friday when i get down there and have got the program so i can let ya know whats on.

look forward to seeing some 5's down there.

Post by: laura on 15:16, Fri 27 July 2007
hey guys

week today and shall be down santa pod starting the party and wining a few races.
hope you all have ya sleeping bags and tents at the ready.

im so excited ive been on a count down for about the last 2 months lol

hope to see you all there with the rennys

 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D
Post by: miss tinkie on 18:20, Wed 01 August 2007
I will be there saturday wiv my beta half who has a astra coupe ment to be meetin another club but hav joined this 1 coz its beta coz i love r5s like u laura id love to hav a field full of them its a shame theres not many about these days thay r at scrap yards or by the side of motorways  :cry:
Post by: ben 5 on 19:39, Wed 01 August 2007
astra coupe?
is that wiv da boost?
Post by: whooosh on 23:33, Thu 02 August 2007
im def going now, just for the day though (sat). going in brother in laws astra gsi .
Post by: 5teve L on 23:37, Thu 02 August 2007
Was going but i'm going to Wales climbing instead now, going to pod on the 18th August as its 20 for unlimited runs so much better for me to get the car set up & into the 13's :)
Post by: whooosh on 23:39, Thu 02 August 2007
good luck on getting some good times then :D
Post by: laura on 12:11, Wed 08 August 2007
hi guys

its all over now, was a great weekend and was really nice weather, even got a little bit of a sun tan. we were allowed off site but only between set times, we didnt need to go off site so there was no problems for us. saw some really cool cars, only saw a few rennys tho  :(
tooks a few vids and few pics, when i got time and worked out how to il post them on here somewhere.
who else went in the end?? anyone get a good time??
the civic went down and got a 14.3 so not to bad at all.
cozzie didnt run as bird got to wasted as soon as she got there lol
ruscort turbo gotta 15.7 lol
200sx gotta 15.0
gl civic got a 17.1, took his bonnet off to race, came back sat it on, gave some one a jump start the next day and sat his bonnet in front of the car and then ran over it TWICE lmao, he was kicking himself.

anyway best get on and do something i reckon.

 :D  :D  :D  :D
Post by: miss tinkie on 17:57, Wed 08 August 2007
Sorry guys gutted i didnt make it in the end sounds like every1 had a good 1 my bro went wiv his girlfriend and said it woz good nxt year will be my year and i may even hav an r5 buy then x x
Post by: miss tinkie on 18:03, Wed 08 August 2007
And yes to ben 5 it is an astra coupe wiv boost the cars a sick bunnie at mo the turbo blew up sounds like my r5 i had the turbo blow up on that it woz always ova heatin any1 else wiv that prob lol x x