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Title: Group A Carb with T28 turbo
Post by: Leloby on 16:22, Tue 28 January 2014
I've just bought a 1986 Ph1 and I've narrowed down the hesitant idling and take-off to the carb, or at least the well-turned idle screw/jet screwed holder amongst other possible things. I have receipts in the folder for the car for a group A carb and T28 turbo and that's what I think is on the car.

Total newbie here, as you've guessed.

I've read the stuff about the carb being duff for a T2 turbo but would a standard carb swap still be the best thing to do?
Title: Re: Group A Carb with T28 turbo
Post by: H150GTT on 17:22, Wed 29 January 2014
Hi mate

I had this issue as well. Every time you accelerated away too hard it would bog down etc etc. I run a T25 turbo not that it would matter really as it gave most trouble off boost. It went ok when driving hard. Just the carb emptying would be a worry.
I ended up going back to the standard carb and modifying it. Mine has the 2nd stage modified and choke flap removed. I also modified the spindle for the throttle flap as well to give a bit more flow through it. One of the guys did a post detailing carb tuning that is well worth a read.

I couldn't have done it without it.
Hope thats some sort of help..
Title: Re: Group A Carb with T28 turbo
Post by: Leloby on 20:47, Wed 29 January 2014
Thanks for that. I can't upload pics here  ??? but I uploaded a couple on the RTOC board and the replies have got me thinking that the turbo may be standard - and that I need to measure the carb to find out what I've actually got.
I'll do this ASAP.
There's a few places nearby with rolling roads and who set up race cars and that so I'll find out who to take it to.
If it's a standard carb I need, I'll get one as good as poss and the gear to enable me to set it up myself in the future.
I remember having to do this with an AX GT years ago and it's all coming back to me slowly.