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Title: Brakes
Post by: SCOOBY DREW on 19:49, Mon 01 April 2013
Hi all,

Finally looks like I have got to the bottom of the cooling issues withe R5, but as expected, after sitting in the garage for the last year, the first test drive today, exposed the brakes as being..... Spongy to say in the least.  Tout the surface rust might rub off after a long test drive, but no...  So to be sure, I'm gonna do new discs and pads around, so although not really a technical question, can anyone give me a range of discs and pads that would be best.  Currently have standard rears, and grooved fronts...
Thanks all in advance....
Title: Re: Brakes
Post by: James5 on 12:55, Wed 10 April 2013
front pads I would recomend DS2500, with some standard disc's or crossed disc's, rears stick with standard setup and pad's