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Title: oil filter
Post by: NemesisGTR on 19:21, Thu 22 November 2012
Again a question :-)

Is it necessary that i use an oil filter specific for the gtt? because of oil pressure?
Its flatter than the other renaults filters, i got also other renaults riding here (mom, dad and my other 5 baccara) i got a crate of oem Purflux filters and they are all suited for those cars, so can i use it for the gtt? i heard some filters tend to drain themselves back into the sump...
Any good advice on this, someone??

Title: Re: oil filter
Post by: Ash-Lee on 23:05, Thu 22 November 2012
I'm not sure, does an oil filter really affect oil pressure? Probably not.

I know that some oil filters are fitted with a one way valve to stop the oil draining back out.