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Title: hiya
Post by: Nrg on 15:22, Sat 01 September 2012
Hi all new to the site. Seems a great site too.
Owned my 5 gtt since 1996 now . It's a 1991 H reg whitey in standard form. I've had it tucked away in storage for some years now due to a air in coolant problem. It blew the degassing pot into 2 pieces. Replaced head gasket with a rather expensive gt tuning one only to find it still had the same problem grrr. With an ever growing family I stored it.
Now I have stripped the engine out and after a lot of head scratching have found this:
Which I believe is the root of my problem.
Only noticed this as there was a hair line black mark on head gasket.
I'd considered various engine options but have decided to stick to original and rebuild with a little renovation thrown in to try and bring it back to its former glory.

Question is what's my options, can I just replace the liners/ rings ?  Compression test was cylinders 1 and 4 had 8.5 bar and 2 and 3 had 8 bar.

Being a single father with 2 sons my funds are limited hence why she has been stored for so long.
Title: Re: hiya
Post by: hughesrobert13 on 20:59, Fri 07 September 2012
single father hats off to you mate  :D as for the car just replace liners and rings and obviously any other nesacery gaskets seals etc its a fairly easy job aslong as your confident. just make sure theres no other damage etc
Title: Re: hiya
Post by: Nrg on 09:21, Sun 09 September 2012
Thankyou for the reply.
Having had a good look now and extracting the liner , seems to be a strip down and rebuild which I'm quite confident I can do. Engine is in excellent condition . This damage occured when I had a water leak on the inlet manifold which led to a overheat. Inlet manifold was removed and I put new hosetails in. Then when refitting a stud broke in the head. So I whipped the head off and fitted all new studs. While the head was off I fitted new valve stem seals ,relapped the valves in and polished the ports and polished around the valves.
I used to be a toolmaker ;)
The broken liner wasn't visible then :(  seems it took a overheat till the red light come on to expose the damaged liner.
Anyone know wheres the cheapest place for liners ?  :D
Title: Re: hiya
Post by: Nrg on 11:13, Tue 25 September 2012
New internals ordered :)
Title: Re: hiya
Post by: Nrg on 19:14, Tue 25 September 2012
Happen to have the pleasure of running into someone called sparky from rtoc who pointed me in the right direction  :)
Title: Re: hiya
Post by: 5teve L on 09:06, Thu 11 October 2012
Welcome to the site, Sparky is a nice bloke, glad he's sent you in the right direction.. Looking at the pics the liners look shagged.. also make sure the rad is not blocked.
Title: Re: hiya
Post by: Nrg on 00:55, Fri 12 October 2012
Yeah Sparky was a star :)
Thanks for the heads up I've got a brand new double copper core rad with low temp switch to go in.
Still cleaning the block ready for a fresh lick of paint. Will get there slowly but surely.