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Title: Help needed, breather sytem
Post by: jonnyshaw49 on 16:41, Sat 21 July 2012
Hi been messing with my mates car today got it running right for him, but he mentioned it was loosing water when he came. we have looked for leaks but no sign. he drove 40 minutes on the motorway to my house and it lost about half of the water in the header tank. There was no real signs of headgasket gone, he has fit a new alloy radiator because thought it was the old radiator leaking but no today he wanted the cup breather mod doing on his car to see if it helped the running of it. we blanked of the one way valve in manifold and did away with the breather hoses to the telephone hose and fit in an oil catch tank and oil breather filter. started the car and it puffed out white smoke, so we reverted back to the original setup and one way valve and theres no white smoke! we thought it might have been because one way valve removed it would just be pumping out all the crap in the system. any ideas? could the cup breather mod be showing better signs of the head gasket going than the original breather setup would? the car doesnt over heat, fan kicks in when it should! theres no oil in the water and no bubbling in the header tank.and the heaters get hot. so no real signs of the headgasket going other than the white smoke when the cup breather mod is in place! totally baffled! appreciate any help thanks
Title: Re: Help needed, breather sytem
Post by: 5teve L on 07:40, Tue 24 July 2012
Check the footwells aren't wet, the matrix likes to leak...
Failing that you need to warm it up, rag it, then pull over & let it run & at the same time have a look for signs of water underneath (try not to go through any puddles !)
After that you are looking at poss H/G is on it's way, my old car started to loose water, then it started to miss slightly at high RPMS, that turned out to be H/G...

As for the breather mod, it needs to have part open to air off the catch tank or it will smoke, I also found the breather filters clog pretty quick if you just use them which causes the car to smoke as well.
If you search cup mod or breather mod it should throw up a few pointers.
Title: Re: Help needed, breather sytem
Post by: Ash-Lee on 21:46, Tue 24 July 2012
I use a catch tank (any random alloy one of eBay should do, heck even an old 1L bottle but they don't look as good)

Rather then use a filter, i just run a pipe down the inner arch and it vents to air under the car. It did used to vent to air under the bonnet but the fumes made the missis eyes water.