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Title: Plans for the winter?
Post by: robx1r on 19:38, Thu 17 November 2011
I've had an eventfull weekend to say the least, after nearly 3000 miles in my ownership and not a hiccup from the car it decides its time to menstruate.

i drove to the home place and hour and a half drive from where i live on some very nice twisty back roads and parked up out side a mates garage, we began to stip down a sierra cosworth for restoration so i had to move my car,

having removed the Anti perc fan its a nack getting it started after a good drive so i pumped the throttle a few time and when the car took it redlined i killed the ignition staright away and the damn turbo timer kept it going at the same time i copped the accelerator was stuck on the floor so i pulled it up and then the car stopped.

the return spring had snapped on the carb! so down to the local motor factors to get a new one, or so i thought talk about a bunch of morons i asked for a throttle return spring and he went routing for a book to look for it. I stopped him and said do you not have any springs i can pic the right one out so he handed me 3 bags full of springs, i found the nearest match and asked how much. "its 20 euro thats part of a drum brake repair kit" i really had no choice as i had no car.

with that problem fixed i moved the car and brought it for a quick spin to make sure. I pulled back into my mates yard and skidded to a halt as he had his back to me.
he wanted me to move it so i went to move it and the brake pedal sang straight to the floor!
i had burst a rear brake line one of the solid pipes leading to the compensator and the other pipe looked just as bad and the spring on the compensator was loose so i just got rid of that and had hassle with leaking joints and then to top it all off i went to bleed the brakes and someone had sheared off the bleed nipples on two of the calipers!

so the car is sat down in his yard and i'm debating taking it off the road for the winter and repainting it and doing a few other bits?
Title: Re: Plans for the winter?
Post by: Ash-Lee on 20:42, Thu 17 November 2011
Consider yourself lucky they didn't both fail while you were on the road.

Stuck throttle + no brakes = brown pants.  :shock:
Title: Re: Plans for the winter?
Post by: robx1r on 20:58, Thu 17 November 2011
yeah which is why i'm not as pissed as i usually would be!
Title: Re: Plans for the winter?
Post by: H150GTT on 20:44, Fri 18 November 2011
Unreal lad..    It nearly sounds like sabotage  :shock:
Def real lucky with the timing!!