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Title: Hi all
Post by: Ridgeback on 19:45, Tue 27 September 2011
How's it going everyone  :)
I'm Daz from Surrey.Joined the site as I've been swayed into a turbo conversion to my 1.1 Campus,after mooting everything from 19 16V swaps,Clio 172's and RSI conversions and even supercharged options.
 My car is a rock solid rust free '92.been lowered on refurbed steels with -40 springs on phase one legs.This is an absolute boggo Campus.No rear wiper,side plastics,radio,not even a fag lighter!
 Plan is keeping it kind of sleeper.No bodykit or big alloys.I'm on the hunt for some early Megane steels,so I can get some 185's on,or hopefully,some cup steels.
These base ones weigh in at about 725 Kilo's,so should go ok with the Turbo lump.I'm a bit of a clueless monkey with the spanners,,so be prepared for tons of tech questions  :D



Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: bazr5gtt on 21:47, Tue 27 September 2011
hi and welcome to the forum mate :D would make a nice sleeper,looks really clean  8)
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: ben marks on 23:35, Tue 27 September 2011
Welcome looks really clean mate
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: Ridgeback on 00:10, Wed 28 September 2011
cheers guys.
It is a clean little thing.It has been so strange driving such a basic car again.I even had to take it down to my mates garage to do the points,as I'd forgotten how!
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: scratcher on 15:57, Wed 28 September 2011
Welcome to the site.
Your campus looks brilliant! It'll be a fun little sleeper.

There's a meet in Surrey once a month, next wednesday is the next one, if you can make it  8)
Details are in the meets and events section.
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: Ridgeback on 08:15, Thu 29 September 2011
Be nice to see a few people off here.
I'm a member of a couple of bike Forums and do a few meets at Box Hill.