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Title: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: s3irios on 17:38, Thu 01 September 2011
Hello fellas, im after some stuff from cgbmotorsport, i emailed them all fine they gave me some prices, im ok with that no problems, they were kind and ok with everything. But for some reason they do not accept anything else exept paypal, which at the mo i can't use neither do i have active credit card. I offered to pay by bank transfer but they said they preferred with paypal :S

Is this typical with other cases or is it just me and living in Greece an issue? Don't have any issue with the fellas as i said earlier, this is not a /cry or /flame post i was just wondering why.
Title: Re: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: fordy on 18:15, Thu 01 September 2011
they accepted my credit card last week on the website fella  :?
Title: Re: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: Hurty on 19:51, Thu 01 September 2011
I'm not too sure about cgb tbh they sell all the parts you could think of which is good. i've spoke with them in the past, first off i thought whoever i was speaking to was a nice chap when i was looking for an underlight trim but when i asked about raider interior and noticed my service history had a stamp in from cgb which is where it must of been rebuilt i asked if they could provide me with any records they had of my car and they replied saying they couldn't understand as to how they could help me in relation to my car in somewhat of a rude manner, guess the bloke must of been having a bad day or something though. on topic though i do remember paypal being mentioned, just set one up it only takes 5 minutes just setup your card/bank account and you're ready to rock and roll, make's selling things online alot easier too :)
Title: Re: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: robx1r on 19:58, Thu 01 September 2011
i'm in ireland and bob in cgb has been more than helpfull with advice and parts always packed well and as described and quick too!

short emails but if you think of the amount of people they must be talking to every day!

they get a thumbs up from me
Title: Re: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: s3irios on 20:40, Thu 01 September 2011
yes guys i wasn't talking about Qos, as they do seem professional and nice, the thing that triggered my curiocity is why from the time they say in the front page that they do accept bank payments, they insist on paypal.
I believe most of u didn't read me carefully :P. As i said i don't have an active credit card (i did have like 3-4 in the past) and making the credit card active again means that i have to pay the years fee like 20 euros or something.
Regarding paypal the thing isn't the register but that u need to verify your credit card which here in Greece means at least 8-9 working days.
On the top of all this, i have the car parked i cannot move it cause i need the parts!

Well anyway let's see how it goes.Thanks for the replies guys :)

Top fella this Bob. We agreed on bank delivery and he explained the situation to me.
Title: Re: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: robx1r on 13:58, Fri 02 September 2011
i ordered a S/h driveshaft on wednsday and it arrived to day in the republic of ireland! not even an irish company can do that
Title: Re: Trying to buy from CGB
Post by: davidbuttigieg on 14:33, Thu 08 September 2011
Last time I bought from CGB (actually been a while now..) I made the payment over the phone using my credit card.

Maybe they changed their procedures now..

ohhh and I'm from Malta, so I don't think being from Greece should make any difference.