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Title: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: LEE on 01:01, Sat 21 October 2000
Hi and welcome to the site.

Introduce yourself here !!

I look forward to speaking to all of you !!

Post by: rov214 on 17:19, Wed 26 January 2005
hi my names ash ive got a rover 214 sei 16v and want to up grade by granny mobil for a 220 turbo. with twice the brake!!!!!
Post by: LEE on 17:27, Wed 26 January 2005
Welcome to the RENAULT5GTTURBO.COM Forum !!

Not bad them SEi's with their leather trim and alloys as standard !!

Im itching to get a 220 Coupe Turbo !!

Heres my 220 Coupe (

Post by: drifting-turbo on 13:00, Thu 27 January 2005
hi like the car lee but what happend to ure other car
Post by: Nic on 16:01, Mon 07 February 2005
Hi I'm new, but then you know that anyway Lee  :wink:
Post by: kelly on 16:21, Mon 07 February 2005
hiya nic nice to see you come and join us
Post by: LEE on 19:12, Mon 07 February 2005
Quote from: "Nic"
Hi I'm new, but then you know that anyway Lee  :wink:

Do I ? Who the fook are you !! lol

Post by: Greeny on 23:20, Mon 07 February 2005
Welcome to the Site !!

Happy posting !!
Title: Greetingz
Post by: gangstarr on 08:18, Thu 10 March 2005
Hi everyone!
Im from Croatia and im driving a Black 1985 R5GTTurbo,
slightly tuned/modded.
Post by: Goran on 09:58, Thu 10 March 2005
Hi, and welcome to the site my dear neighbor... :wink:
We also have Jure from Split around here, but he's not that regular.... :D
Happy posting....
Post by: gisliel on 15:30, Sun 27 March 2005
Hi im new here and just wanted to say hi, and i have a complitly original Renault 5 GT TURBO 1990 and im fixing it, i got it in so bad shape that i just had to repair it all, body and engine, i hope i will finish fixing it in summer.
Here are some photos of it (     he was like that when i got it and i have maked some progress with it. I just need some body parts now.
Post by: chris tur-bo on 08:51, Tue 29 March 2005
        Looks like you have a real project on your hands there. Good luck with it. If you need any help with anything don't hesitate to put up a post. There are lots of peeps who have a wide knowlage of these annoying cars who will be happy to help.

 :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:
Post by: BriC on 12:12, Sun 24 April 2005
Hi, Im 16, and hoping to get a car this year... a Renault 5 1.4 Campus... Damn I wish insurance wasn't such a joke, then I could get a GT Turbo lol.
Post by: Goran on 15:19, Sun 24 April 2005
Welcome Maximum_Power.... enjoy your stay with us, don't worry 1.4 Campus is a very good car to start... :wink:
Title: Hello
Post by: Kd on 10:22, Sun 15 May 2005
Howdy :)

Just a quick Ello. Nice site you have here

Kd :)
Post by: Goran on 16:41, Sun 15 May 2005
Welcome... hope you'll enjoy posting with us... :D
Post by: Bulinsh on 19:15, Tue 31 May 2005
Hi! I`m from Latvia and I got my R5GTT `87 in very bad condition, but I hope  get it on the wheels. (
Post by: Goran on 21:21, Tue 31 May 2005
Welcome to the forum! Happy posting and good luck with your car!  :D
Post by: Yaninnya on 12:04, Wed 29 June 2005
Hi everyone!
As you can see I'm new on this forum. I'm not exactly Renault 5 GT Turbo maniac but I love everything with turbo. I had in the past Sierra Cossie, Legacy RS Turbo, Cinquecento Sporting with Novitec turbo set, even BMW 320d (it has turbo of course!) and now I'm building Cinquecento with 1.6 tubo engine. I live in Poland in Warszawa (Warsaw). Be pacient for me in the beggining.
Post by: R5_SPLIT on 23:50, Fri 21 October 2005
Hello everyone, I`m Ivan and a future gtt or gte owner. Nowadays I drive the campus 1.1l.  :)
Post by: smitty188 on 00:49, Sat 10 December 2005
hello everyone i am john and now a renault 5 gtt owner and i love it it has some mods done to it

 :twisted:  :P
Post by: BriC on 13:36, Sat 10 December 2005
Hi mate... You got any pictures of it?
Post by: Peugeot/Renault on 21:38, Sun 05 February 2006
Hello, I'm a 31year old dude, with a girlfriend of 19. :D
We own a R5 gte, chassiecode C409
In Norway cars are expensive, as in the UK, and they get more expensive as the get older, thanx to the distribution-network (Volvo dealerships!) :evil:

As a result of a testdrive in oktober '05 we now own our 2. gte
My girl had an incident with our first. (winter, ice, crash :( )

For those who don't know, gte is a 1720ccm, 95hp, Turbo lookalike.
Full bodystyling, and interior, but no extraequipment... Too keep the hp/kg rate good. :idea:
Post by: Goran on 13:50, Tue 07 February 2006
Welcome!  :D Hope we see you regularly on our forum....
You can also post some pictures in "your cars" section as well... :wink:
Post by: Peugeot/Renault on 17:51, Sun 12 February 2006
I sure will get pictures on the net, just have to get away some snow, it's 40cm on top of them :!:  :shock:

Search for Rally Norway on the web, then Yo'll see what type of winter we got :lol:

Hope surely that I will be regulary on this forum, I am a carfanatic, and uses the web for carinfo..... :)  My girlfriend is happy about it, couse I don't search porn :!:  :shock:
Post by: L on 10:07, Fri 14 April 2006
Hi everyone, I'm Luke and I'm from Poland :D I have R5GTT :)
Post by: jure on 12:28, Sat 15 April 2006
Welcome Luke. Think you are the only one representing your country.

Some pics of the car would be nice :)
Post by: turbotim on 14:24, Tue 02 May 2006
Hi all im new to this site and it looks pretty good quite a bit of interesting info i currently own a 1990 Raider with 50k miles on it im third owner its standard apart from dump valve and exhaust, also i have a 1996 p reg jap spec rover 220 coupe turbo with 46k on the clock its a nice smooth drive compared with the R5 gt but i love the renaults this is my 3rd one.
Post by: jure on 14:53, Tue 02 May 2006
Welcome turbotim!

Nice combination of cars you have.
Title: New to the site
Post by: herman on 16:25, Sun 21 May 2006

i've just purchased a Renault 5 Turbo Radar, i'm from Tunbridge Wells Kent.
This looks like a good forum and hope to get some good advice.

Hope to speak to some of you soon.


Post by: ross.cheeks on 15:13, Sat 27 May 2006
hello my names ross
im interested in either getting an r5gtt or r11 turbo so thought id look for some where to get some advice from and found this site so here i am.

at the mo i drive a corsa (none rude boy 1.2 standard purple corsa, does the rep loadsa good) and a mk 2 fiesta 1.4s.

currently studying for a BEng in motorsport engineering in swansea.
Post by: pae on 22:12, Sat 27 May 2006
Hi, just signed up. I'm from Uckfield, East Sussex. Building up a sprint car using a Peugeot 106. So what am I doing here? Well, just to keep me quiet, and make a little technical project on the side, I'm turbocharging it, using bits from a R5 GTT.

So, i'll be asking lots of questions about how it all goes together when I start fitting it all, coz I ain't got anything to go on! Should be fun.

Herman, you're not far away in TW (see my sig!) - I'll be looking to have a poke around under your bonnet sometime, mate.

cheers, Phil
Post by: kial on 20:36, Sun 25 June 2006
hello everybody my name is kial im from the channel islands im 15 and a HUGE fan of the 5 turbo's
Post by: saLahi on 01:10, Mon 26 June 2006
hi im salahi im from cyprus. im going to buy a bad renault 5 turbo(it doesnt work but it will be worked) and i will do it my dream car :P
Post by: jure on 12:18, Sat 18 November 2006
Go for it Salahi :wink:  We are here to help you :)
Post by: RENO5 on 08:57, Thu 25 January 2007

Post by: Goran on 11:57, Thu 25 January 2007
Welcome to the site, and don't hesitate to introduce your car to us... :wink:
Post by: RENO5 on 13:30, Thu 25 January 2007


Post by: RENO5 on 09:19, Tue 20 February 2007



Title: hello people
Post by: leighR5 on 00:40, Thu 15 November 2007
hey there, im new to this site, i have a 1989 renault 5 gt turbo, and live in the north east of england. It is slightly modded as i have only had it for a month or so :)
Title: `ello!
Post by: mistreku on 15:26, Sun 16 December 2007
i'm stan, from romania..but i go by the nick mistreku. just wanted to say "hi!"..and..i hope i can find here the help i need with my car, '86 Silver Ph I GTT, and maybe i can get to help others. (although, my experience with this car is rather insignificant   :oops: anyway, we'll keep in touch here!  :wink:
Post by: bazr5gtt on 17:17, Sat 09 February 2008
hi there everyone im baz from scotland and i absolutely luv the 5,owned my black phase two for 4 years now should be on the road this spring after major rebuild new engine and loadsa body work ,i currently work offshore but was a mechanic for 11 years onshore so buildin the five was simple soccer ave carried out all work myself apart from the paint ma panel beatin bud will be enlisted for that job,havent driven her for two years, cant wait to get behind the wheel again!!!!  :D hope to speak with other turbo nutters soon cheers baz
Post by: MIKE WILSON@PCS on 07:30, Fri 18 April 2008
hi im mike from fife , scotland ,, i run PCS which deals with turbo charged renaults mostly ,  and other performance cars , i have several off these cars ranging from gordinis , 9s 11s , 5s 21 turbos and fuego turbo ,,  i love renaults and wish i could stop buying them lol  ..  :D
Post by: w3n5zu on 13:21, Sat 12 July 2008
Hi i'm from poland, and i luv R5. I don't have any car yet (neither dl) but i know my first car will be R5. Now i have only idea what 5 will look like.
ps. sorry fo my english :)
Title: heyy
Post by: gt5_gyal on 14:46, Sun 14 September 2008
hiya ... my names suzanne

yess im a gurlie :)
i am in the process of buying my r5 gt turbo phase 2 ... gun metal grey colour..
has slight bit of rust but i am actually hoping this isnt going to be too much of a problem and will be able to get it sorted .
Post by: Mr Puff on 16:48, Tue 30 December 2008
Hello all! Got an R5 Turbo which im about to start work on and been looking at the pics! Some nice motors out there!! :D
Post by: denty225 on 22:20, Wed 18 February 2009
Hello all, I'm Paul and am looking at buying a 5 GTT. Still got to persuade the wife it's a good idea! Well it's gonna be a GTT and a new car for her or she keeps what she has now and I get an Integrale! (not gonna happen :cry: )
Title: hi
Post by: plim69 on 15:16, Sat 07 March 2009
hi everyone, I'm new to this site and also new to the world of
R5 GT TURBO's. i really want one and have wanted one for years! i hope someone can point me in the right direction to buy one of these piece's of art and also where i can get insured as i am only 19 and have 'no' no claims, i have been driving a crapy 1.2 corsa around for nearly two years but i have been on my parents insurance. it would mean a great deal if someone could help me through all this. thankyou Ben
Post by: owe on 15:24, Sat 07 March 2009
welcome mate a good palce for u to get an insurance quote is hic dunno wot its gona be like at your age with no no claims tho
Post by: plim69 on 10:41, Sun 08 March 2009
gr8 thanks owe now i just need to find a mint R5. do you have any idea where to look? anyone on this site selling any? thanks
Post by: owe on 11:40, Sun 08 March 2009
ummm, i just searched piston heads an auto trader for weeks till i found mine but theres a couple on here for sale aswell i think
Title: Newbie
Post by: cain070588 on 13:54, Sat 15 August 2009
hi i am new to this site and i own a r5 gtx 1.7  :D
Title: ima newbie
Post by: modfather on 18:07, Mon 28 September 2009
hello all theres some good motors on here.
i got a r5 gts being changed to a turbo will add pics some time when i find my way round here
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: DRAZEN NST on 19:52, Thu 22 October 2009
Hay i'm Drazen Dulic from Serbia - Subotica
I drive Renault 5 campus...

Sorry for may bad english  :oops:
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: loopylee on 00:53, Mon 02 November 2009
:oops:  :oops:  :oops:

i must have missed this (as been on here a few weeks now)

Hi all im Lee from Coventry West Mids  44 next week (going on 18)  :wink:

im married got four kids (no hair cause of the kids )

not long got my 1st R5 but ive always been in to modded cars and love two wheels too

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: 5-Mission on 20:52, Mon 02 November 2009
ahhh... all is explained above! :lol: I bet your sons are well jealous aint they?  ... gotta get a car that looks better than dad's?? :?:  :lol:  :lol:
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Davido_royal on 12:45, Tue 03 November 2009
Alrite guys/gals.

Im 25 yr old and have previously owned a Renault 5 GT Turbo Phase 2 in Black, spent thousands on it, and yep u got it- sold it for next to nothing. Its been 4 yrs since i sold my baby, and i want another one. Ideally one as a project.

Project wise im looking to spend between 200-400.

But am interested in any local to me (Hampshire) Id really appreciate anyone who could help me out.


Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: m4wb42008 on 14:59, Mon 16 November 2009
Hi im new on this site im matt from wales i have a r5 campus but i converted to a gt turbo its sprayed ford st orange so a real head turner  8)
im looking to buy another turbo soon as a project any ideas where to get a tidy shell?
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: loopylee on 17:56, Sun 22 November 2009
Quote from: "5-Mission"
ahhh... all is explained above! :lol: I bet your sons are well jealous aint they?  ... gotta get a car that looks better than dad's?? :?:  :lol:  :lol:

two are jealous the 3rd thinks it is a piece of crap  :cry:  :cry:  my daughter isnt bothered either way  :o

i love it too bits so dont give a s**t  :D

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: bniasR5GTT on 16:57, Sun 17 January 2010
Hi im new to the forum, im on my 3rd R5 GTT both before sold not crashed !!! lol

1st was a resprayed cosworth blue 1987 R5 GTTonly had for 3 months and sold due to being at uni and needing funds.

2nd a Tungsten grey which i re-built and done up from scratch i had the pleasure of this car for 3 years hassle free motoring but did shed a little tear when sold but the 2500 cash in my hand soon wiped that away.

Now on my 3rd, this time in Silver and starting from scratch again, just dropped the slightly tuned, (around 160 bhp)  personally rebuilt engine with a volvo box back in after a full strip down and re-build now working my way round the SUPRISINGLY not rusty body but does need a good respray, so if anybody knows of a good sprayer let me know.

Look forward to talking to many of you soon.
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: rickgtt14 on 15:55, Tue 19 January 2010
hi am rick just bought another 5 gtt  :D  to find that the heads gone :x took it off yesterday gone for skimming back on road nxt wk :)  will post pics soon
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Flash666 on 20:31, Thu 04 February 2010
hi, new to the site and i just bought my first R5gtt a few days ago. loving it to bits and cant wait to talk/meet with some of you guys.
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: TEMsport on 13:59, Sat 06 February 2010
Hi , Im new to the renault scene but have been involved in fast cars (building and driving) for years, I now run my own workshop building fast road and race engines based in colchester Essex (TEMsport).
Ive always wanted an R5GTT so now have decided to look for an unfinished project or a car with a blown engine or similar to turn into ultimate big Bhp daily driver!!!
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Ruivar on 20:28, Sat 06 February 2010
Quote from: "TEMsport"
Hi , Im new to the renault scene but have been involved in fast cars (building and driving) for years, I now run my own workshop building fast road and race engines based in colchester Essex (TEMsport).
Ive always wanted an R5GTT so now have decided to look for an unfinished project or a car with a blown engine or similar to turn into ultimate big Bhp daily driver!!!
Hi mate. That sounds like a great Plan :!:  :D  Please show us the car, when you've bought one.
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: scotty on 17:52, Mon 08 February 2010
hi im scott not long brought a very low 5 turbo ive seen pics on here ov it would like to know more about it if anybody can help. :D
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: r5matt on 19:06, Mon 08 February 2010
post a picture up lad or a link as there are quite few GTT's on here  :wink:
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Buga on 16:16, Tue 06 April 2010
Hy , my name is Buga and i m new here ! I m from Romania ,Bucharest ! I drive a Dacia , and in the future i want to buy a new Dacia and put a 1.4 T from renault 5 in it !
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: KiwiGT on 22:49, Sat 17 April 2010
Hi Guys,

I am down here in New Zealand with one of the four GT Turbo's that were originally imported into NZ. Just finishing the rebuild at the moment, can't wait to drive it!!!

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: willo3110 on 17:39, Tue 04 May 2010
hi every body im kev and i drive a 89 gt turbo
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: dj_craig_ on 15:46, Sat 03 July 2010
hi everyone
i am new as you can proably tell lol, i have a r5gtt in red wich i believe use to be owned buy another member on hear  :)
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: gpol on 16:07, Mon 05 July 2010
my name is George and I am from GREECE.
and of course 5 years ago have a (R5GT TURBO) MOD. 87"
Welcome you found it

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: shaneom123 on 17:52, Sat 24 July 2010
hi every1 i got a renault 5 gtt and a fiat bravo don't really know what to say but will upload some pics when i find my camera
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: shaneom123 on 18:03, Sun 25 July 2010
hi can someone pleas tell me how to upload pics onto here pleas  :?
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Darrenr78 on 21:30, Mon 20 September 2010
hiya all, im the proud owner of a 1988, R5GTT in white, many engine mods, lowered on coilies and running on clio turbines, approx 230 bhp, but still looks almost original, pics to follow.

Thanks for having me

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: CE 312 on 20:19, Sat 25 September 2010
elloo!!am yash from mauritius,am glad to be here with you.hope to learn things abt my renault with you guys.hve got a renault 5gt running with renault 21 engine.1.7.runs well but still want to do some mods the engine to make boost like a rocket lol.thanks to all and lee. :D
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: PhoenixAutosport on 22:16, Mon 28 February 2011
Hi there, I'm Carl, I run Phoenix autosport and had a 5 turbo back in the mid 90's was by far the most fun car I have ever had (and I have had a lot of quick cars) looking to find another for a weekend toy and to attend meets and shows
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: B XX ADI on 00:10, Wed 09 March 2011
Hello, my name is Adi and I'm from Romania, i'm the owner of a Renault 5 GTT with f7P engine, I'm sorry for my English.
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: lee_cue on 11:09, Thu 02 June 2011
Hi. Just joined after a life of admiring and desperately needing a 5gt.
My life has been so incomplete and there is a void that needs to be filled!
Hope you are all well
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: mcginley123 on 11:40, Fri 29 July 2011
hi ma names dan im from norfolk :P any 1 else out there from around here i recently purchased a 1989 renault 5 gt turbo :) just gt to get it on the road now :P
Title: New on the forum
Post by: e737wgj on 16:50, Sun 21 August 2011
Hi Guys Im Jason, im new to the forum but not to renault 5s. Ive owned 4 so far a TR, TL,  gtt but it never ran it was my first bought as an amature from a rip off garage with a blown head and a promise to fix but never did  :evil:  and my current a proper working model, which ive owned for the past 7yrs but never managed to get it properly on the road till now, due to time and money restraints as well as ongoing problems.

But none the less im here now, i knew the day would come when i could have that baby on the road, legal AND most of all Working!!!

so heres where im at. Got it out my folks garage back in April to get it mot'd what started as a few hundred pounds turned out to be failure on two pages and a shed load of welding.
1200 poorer and 6 weeks later, new mot and tax. I then had to have an alarm before bringing it home as every one ive owned has been raped! so i opted for a viper pager alarm 300 including fitting extra switches etc. its basic but does the job. so far no problems....touch wood.

the biggest ongoing problem ive faced for the past two months was trying to get the thing to run properly. been running rich, juddering etc, long story short lol after numerious trials and errors and more at the garage not to mention hours on the forum, i finally solved it!
turns out the previous owner tried to modify the carb to a ''group A'' and changed the main jet to a 1.5 without any other mods! also got the a few of the diaphrams on the side the wrong way round etc. Thanks to Bob and Jay @ cgb its now all solved!

so motor is running much better needs a few minor adjustments, now i have to get the boost working properly.
ive got a group a set up but i think its loosing pressure somewhere and its showing negative pressure on the gauge. I need a diagram so anyone that can help, it would be much appreciated

neways its good to be on the forum and i look forward to meeting u guys and coming out to a few runs etc

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: joseffdaddy on 20:45, Sat 10 September 2011
hi,brilliant website,keep it up :o
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Jack88 on 23:36, Wed 14 September 2011
Hi, Im Jack and I have recently got hold of an 88 black gt turbo completely standard apart from a sunroof
Work has started on getting it back to mint  :wink:
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: shanakar on 09:59, Mon 19 September 2011
Hi all. I'm Petros, from Australia and I am 29 years old. Look forward to getting to know some of you here. :)
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: compact on 17:07, Mon 26 September 2011
Hi everyone!
Im from Croatia and im driving white R5 GTT '89.
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: 5teve22gt on 11:48, Mon 02 January 2012
Hi all
Bought my first 5 in Nov after wanting one for years.
Planning full restoration to standard spec,first job is sills both sides gone got them on order will post some pics later.
Any advice on sills would be appreciated car is otherwise rot free!
Happy New Year
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: shockhorror on 14:55, Mon 16 January 2012
hi im steve and i own a r5 turbo
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: tooks on 00:24, Sat 25 February 2012
hi my names dean just finished restoring my phase 2 r5 to original spec in pearl white it looks the dogs!
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: jero_13 on 19:38, Tue 03 July 2012
hi, my name is matej and i am from Slovenia.

I'm currently working on a renault 5 project. :)

this is how she stands at the moment



And this ih how i hope she willl look :)

Title: g'day alll
Post by: gammaman on 20:29, Mon 30 July 2012
i've always been a big fan of the r5's and got the opportunity 6 months ago to buy one  :D
i'm an englishman living in australia so these cars are pretty rare over here !!
my local renault dealer here cannot do anything without part numbers.
i'm after rear wheel bearings at the moment but can't seem to find the part number on the net ??
i know i can get parts of e.bay and sent over from the u.k  but i'd rather try here first to save on postage and waiting time.
anyone know a website where i can get r5 part numbers or no the number for rear wheel bearings for an 87 r5 ?
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: booster5 on 02:33, Mon 07 January 2013
Hi guy

im Rob, from the northampton area (i know poor me). how are you all? im on the rtoc as ren_5hitbox, i dont talk much but read every post lol. currently have a campus which will one day have something done to the engine (no idea what route yet).

ive wanted a 5 since my cousin owned one when i was a lad and he used to take me out through the town and drag everyone whilst listening to sneaker pimps 'spin spin sugar' :/

i also am self employed doing vehicle wraps and graphics for a living, some of my work has featured on top gear and 5th gear but maybe i will go on about that in a new thread

anyway.... enough about me, hope to hear from some new enthusiasts and would be good to have a midlands meet or something sometime???

stay safe  :D be cool  8)
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: alkins on 14:59, Mon 11 February 2013
Hi every one names Alan ive been trolling this site for ages now and finally decided its time to join and try get help and give some if possible  :D
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: JamesGTT on 09:30, Thu 25 April 2013
Hi I'm new to the site, have a 91 gt turbo I've had for years, it's been blown a fair few times, I live by two sayings "drive it like you stole it" and "if in doubt flat out" looking forward to having the beast on the road again. Planning a trip Newcastle to Amsterdam, down Germany, stopping off at the ring of course! dropping into the top if Italy then over to France for some mountain passes back up to Britain! Wonder if it'll make it :?
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: MR-WEDGE on 13:10, Wed 12 February 2014
hello im new here and iv got a r5 campus white 3door model. im strugerling to find bumpers skirts ect for it or for any r5 I may just be being silly im abit crap with comps and just wanted to no where the best place to get them is as iv seen some gtt bumpers going on ebay for a fair bit . many thanks Tao
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: rickb on 13:06, Sat 31 October 2015
newbie here used to own a 5 gtt and loved it, looking for a project.

Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: loucao_jr on 17:28, Sun 19 June 2016

New here and to the GTT world! I'm restoring a 88 GT Turbo and I'll be needing your help and tips.

Cheers from Portugal
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: turbak on 14:04, Sat 27 August 2016
Hy i an new on the forum,and i want to say hellou to you all  :)
Title: Re: Message for Newbies !!
Post by: Chamira on 05:50, Tue 19 December 2017
Hi all. I live is Sri Lanka and sort of a collector. Classic car scene here is a tough one because the regulations don't allow importation of old vehicles. The general interest in classic cars have picked up in the last 5 years or so, so they are becoming increasingly costly to acquire.

My life with Renault 5 GT Turbos go back over 25 years - I was one of 5 people that imported 5 GTTs to Sri Lanka. Yes, you understood right. In all, there are only 5 cars in the country. I imported mine from the UK in the early 1990 - it was a tungy. In addition, at the time, there was a black, a red, and a blue. All Phase 2. In addition, there was a white Phase 1. Following the arrival of my son, I had to part with my 5 in 2000, and regretted it ever since. The good news is that I'm now friends with the current owner who has cares deeply for the car. Anyway, to make a long story short, I bought the red car about two years ago - in a project state. It sat in my garage till a month or so ago since I was progressively collecting all the parts I require. It is now in a work shop and the tinkering work has started. I've imported pretty much everything from and engine and transmission to fenders, a dashboard, interior trim, bonnet, etc. The list in endless.

Among other cars I own, is a 205 GTI 1.9 - Sri Lanka's only 1.9. There are two other GTIs, which are 1.6s. That too was a project when I bought, and went through a patient and painstaking restoration. Its worth every minute and penny because it is an absolutely joy to drive. But of course, I miss the punch if the GT turbo and I can't wait to get behind the wheel.

Shall keep the forum posted on my progress.

Thank you. 
Title: Hello all
Post by: peaquod on 18:03, Fri 05 January 2018
Hello all,Ive had a few GT Turbos over the years but none recently....(since about 2000)...still got alot of spares and a vehicle (Black Ph2) I had forgotten about...dont know how  much of it is left and am going to see it tonight.