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Fitting a Dump Valve

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1. As always disconnect the battery to be on the safe side.

2. Remove the top hose which runs from the intercooler to the carburettor inlet elbow.

3. You now need a sharp knife in order to cut the a section from the pipe where the fitting kit will go. Remember to install the kit as close to the carburetor as possible to ensure no 'back up' boost stalls the turbo.

4. Push the cut pipe onto the fitting kit T-piece with the dump valve facing the front of the car. Refit the hose.

5. Now connect the small diameter hose from dump valve into the hose which runs from the ignition module to the base of the base of the carb, using the small plastic T-piece.

6. Ensure everything is tight, and put back as necessary and take the car out for a spin.

7. Whilst out for a spin don't forget to change gear or let off when passing cars to ensure they hear your latest modification.