Author Topic: Identify the turbo  (Read 666 times)


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Identify the turbo
« on: 16:42, Tue 08 February 2011 »
I have a used engine from a 1991 Raider thats been in stock for some time. Its in superb condition and has been tagged up with a "49k" label. The engine is immaculate and looks spot on.

The turbo on the car ( again in mint condition ) has a dark green twin port actuator and has the numbers BC M27 A/R 48 on the front and on the exit pipe ( intercooler hose port ) it has "87." stamped on the inside. The air intake of the turbo is circular with a larger diameter rim surrounding it.

Is this turbo special or am i talking sh*t ?

markey mark (bd)

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Re: Identify the turbo
« Reply #1 on: 21:01, Tue 08 February 2011 »
Could be a T2 .48 housing which would make it standard size.

Does it look bigger than a standard turbo, if you can get pic sometimes its easier to identify.
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