Author Topic: Finally getting on with it  (Read 1411 times)


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Finally getting on with it
« on: 06:54, Fri 16 September 2016 »
Hi All,

At last, it's happened, after 20 years of owning my 5 I've got to a point where I can start to put it back where it belongs, on the road. It been off the road for 12 years now (dry stored) and will need the normal sill replacement ect, where are you guys getting body parts from these days (prefere NOS if possible) I definitely need a bonnet, inner sills / outer sill ect.

I'm sure this will follow the normal 'rule of 3' when it comes to restoration, what ever time / money you think it will take / cost X by 3 and you will be closer to what it will end up being  ::)


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Re: Finally getting on with it
« Reply #1 on: 22:51, Sat 01 October 2016 »
Best of luck with it ;) they can be total money pits. They're becoming rarer all the time so definitely need to be as many restored and still on the road as possible. I want to do the same with mine but have lost motivation over the past several months and done nothing. My problems are mainly door pop solenoids which are only really available in the USA and expensive and remaking a brake line due to leakage preventing me from bleeding the system.
Get some pics of your progress up if possible 🚗
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