Author Topic: MY new GTT + need some advices!!  (Read 1370 times)


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MY new GTT + need some advices!!
« on: 22:36, Sun 10 January 2010 »
Hi guys, i just became an owner of R5 GTT 1989... The body work on the car is just fine, it needs some bits and pieces to be fully done.. But i got the problem with the engine and i need to see what moves should i make.

It has 1.4 engine, but turbo is taken off the car, because it was foocked .
I was planning to fix the car for the 1/4 mile drag, so i need some advices...
I had a plan to fit either 1.8 16v or 2.0 16v williams engine, and then do some work on it, i am looking for about 200whp car, so should i seek for the 16valver engine or should i stick to the same 1.4 T engine, and buy new turbo and fix it up?
I would be pleased if you could tell me what is the easier way to start the project! Thanks in advance guys and i hope i hear from you all!!! !!

Regards from SERBIA!!!!!


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Re: MY new GTT + need some advices!!
« Reply #1 on: 22:46, Sun 10 January 2010 »
Hello there. Just to tell you i'm from Bulgaria.When you drive car with turbo it's very hard to go again on car who is with out turbo.And with the turbo you can get this 200whp more easy rather 1.8 16v or 2.0 16v.Ok let say this you will put 3000 euro.The car with the turbo engine will be more faster than car with out turbo.i think it's better to put this engine with turbo.1.7 turbo from volvo 440 460 480 is the best choice.Because it's full injection.After two or three days i will buy 1.7 turbo engine for my renault 5.And it's easy to fit on it.If you have some questions about what you need to change i will tell you.It's only one think you need to change.


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Re: MY new GTT + need some advices!!
« Reply #2 on: 23:43, Sun 10 January 2010 »
i wrote the same answer on PM :)

put some pics of your GTT here...