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My new R5
« on: 11:37, Sun 10 January 2010 »
This is my car, wich i am curently has a long history, but i'm going to show you what is going on from now on... The car had a 1.4 T engine...then a 1.7 T Volvo engine....and this winter i've started a new project...Williams Turbo :D
Here is a list of what i have put in the engine so far:

Forged turbo pistons (8:1 compresion ratio)
Some turbo camshafts( i don't know the brand)
Custom made intake manifold
Custom made exhaust manifold
Garrett T3 turbo(it's going to be replaced by a Turbonetics turbo)
High flow injectors (450cc/min)
Motec m400 engine management
Wiring harneses made by yours trully...ME  :lol:

I have managed to star the cara few days ago, but i am still whaiting for a wideband oxigen sensor, so i can fine tune the car ... age-4.html  
this link is fron another forum, in wich i uploaded pitcures...enjoy