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my 1987 ph1 restoration project
« on: 01:17, Thu 14 May 2009 »
right been meaning to get all this up for a wile now! about 5months ago i managed to swap my 2000 seat torledo v5 for this black 87 phase1 with a guy that works at the alloy wheel shop in my town, it had just had a fresh paint job, new wheels with toyo proxie boots, new phase2 turbo, uprated headgasket, s/s full system, just been lowered on new shocks and springs' red hose kit with the phase 2 set up,


the engine was pritty much standard has a bleed valve and green air filter, this is the 3rd gtt ive owned always been abig fan the others didnt last me to long before they died tho lol but couldnt belilve how relible the one was never got hot, boosted very well so over the next few months just used it everyday, the clucth ended up going so i fitted a hevey duty clutch that came with the car also tryed fitting a group a carb that came with it but had bad flatspots so went back to standad.

then one evening whilest driveing round my town some old git in a merc decides to sideswipe me and smashed in to my rear 1/4 then done the off

ends up smashing the arch and denting the 1/4 abit was getting pi**ed off didnt want anything else to go wrong with it so i stoped driveing it everyday! and it just sat outside my flat wile i tryed to work out what to do with it really didnt want to sell it!

the car its self was electric blue always been my favriot colour, so done abit of searching online and came across this pic

so then i made up my mind the plan is to get it looking excatly the same as the pic so a phone call to my farther in law whos retired to the south of france and at the monent restoreing a few classic cars of his own, he was well up for doing the project with me he said just get the car over there and it can be the summer project.

so booked up some ferrie tickets for me and the 5 and my missus and our little girl flights, thought we mite aswell get a hoilday out of it to lol it was a 750mile trip i had ahead of me my 5 was now sitting on hupcaps as thought ide stick the alloys on something else and search for some ph1 wheels. my ferrie was booked for 4am but even before i left my house the problums started starter motor give up to had to bump it went down to a mates and put another starter on it but even that was not right the flywheel was damaged, then noticed brake fluid was pi**ing out the master cylinder things just wornt going my way the car really didnt want to go lol so 2am that morning left my mates to go dover thought better top the fluid up liffted the bonnet rested it on my back wind cort it flew open and smashed my grill to bits and i had to bump it again, drove to dover and filled it up parked up to wait and reasiled it was leaking petrol didnt know what to do lol so just had to park over a drain and hope it stoped before i had to go on the ferrie! lost 1/4 of tank then it stoped

once i was off the boat in france i had the mentel 14odd hour drive across france was very worryed i would end up stuck somewhere car dead and not even know where i was or be able to understand anyone. but the car just eat up the miles it was a red hot day and i hardley got to turn it off the temp never got over half was very surprised so got there 10pm that night the car looked a right state


pic with his TR-6 thats in the middle of a full body off restoration and 175bhp race engine in


and a pic with his MGB roadster 1982 i think and only covered 1500 miles not even regestered till 1996 ex musem car complety mint

so now the work starts the renault will be striped the body will be sandblasted next month, engine will have a full rebuild. ive already been on the hunt for bits got the ph1 wheels and both ph1 rear arches. will keep you all updated with pics as the work goes on :wink:
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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 06:51, Thu 14 May 2009 »
good luck with this project mate cant wait to see it take shape  8) keep us posted with those all important photos aswell :lol:


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 09:58, Thu 14 May 2009 »
good luck :D what an epic drive lol