Author Topic: R5 Campus - 1.4 - 1993. Replica.  (Read 2297 times)


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R5 Campus - 1.4 - 1993. Replica.
« on: 09:50, Mon 11 August 2008 »
Hey guys.

I have a campus GT lookalike :) I was getting quoted 5000 for the 1.4 turbo.

Mines *work in progress* but here are pictures of the car when i bought it.

Front of car

Awful smoked indicators which are well used, non-matching front headlights, dodgy front grill, bad front number plate.

Under Bonnet

Pretty standard with old parts all over the place. Head gasket blown and cooling system bad.


Seats worn and ripped, carpet dirty and ragged, speakers so old that the magnets broken.

Back of car

Back bumper cracked and broken. Back cluster broken without the part underneith the light.

Number plates are awful with some sort of chav renault badges all over them.


Once Complete i will post some pics of what i have done to fix the car.

Debating putting a 1.4 lump in and not telling the insurance company but not too sure yet. It's well dodgy to do (vin numbers etc).


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 13:17, Mon 11 August 2008 »
It has the ph1 side skirts  :)
That would look quite smart after a bit of a tidy up..
Reminds me of my first 5..
Goodluck with sorting it out lad


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 07:25, Tue 12 August 2008 »
Flying car:

Changing the head gasket:

My engine sanding/cleaning helper :P

Ali G! (Bit of masking tape as we where at maccy d's) - Note missing grill.

Back With new lights

Front with old lights