Author Topic: not a r5, but a 205 gti.  (Read 2086 times)


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not a r5, but a 205 gti.
« on: 19:52, Thu 17 April 2008 »
anyways if a lot of it makes no sence dont worry its many posts i have compiled together from another forum so a lot of it make seem crap :)

well the beam is now off the car and the shocks removed, ready to go down to Constella which i plan to do on saturday :).

dont believe it alex :P


with the help of jason we removed the rusty remains of the old fog lights, and replaced with some aftermarket plastic units, which should withstand the test of time much better.

Also since the rear beam was off i decided i would do somthing i usally never lend my hand to.... I CLEANED .... the rear inner arches

well the torsion bar is now back on (for the minute) with the help of a few peeps :), the back end is rock steady now, go-kart style, not quite as low as sarahs however :) . Also got the solid mounts that should keep it rock steady now, will need to get some lower profile tyres, but will get around to doing that.

well here is the monkeys, thanks for the help :)

and the back end of the car

well, spent a while today sorting out the intermittent starter motor problem and it seems all sorted now.  Also putting the beam on Wednesday night.

here it is  painted up.. did do it with a yellow beam originally to look like pug oe parts but the yellow was to much hard work so painted the whole thing black :).

well i almost have all the samcos on.. ordering my engine mounts tomorrow and hope to get the brakes done this weekend so all going well :)

update, shiny front and back stoppers now on with new brake lines, much appreciated Biggy :)

Had a delivery today, super quick, top stuff from bm baker as always highly recomended,

Had a Full set of Grp N engine mounts

and my final hose (oil filler hose) in silicon so shouldn't go brittle :)

well update done 2 of 3 engine mounts now, replaced for group n :D, yey, also done lots of other odd bits, fixed blowing exhaust etc etc, ran outa fuel on my drive now though.
The third engine mount i dont think i am going to fit just yet as it requires being pressed and i have to take a driveshaft out to get to it , so i will wait until its on the road and speak 2 biggy about free rental on a Gun to make the job easier ;)

out with the old

cleaned out the throttle body .. n breathers still no joy, :(.. ill will going at it till i pull the problems out, ive been told it may just need driving but we will see.

anywayz new purchase today, just need james to fabricate me subframes. I went for a mixture on this one and went for a good mix between motorsport value and comfort . anywayz here are a few poor pics.

well, car got its first (exterior) clean today, thanks to dave for helping me remove the years of moss that has formed on it,  Jason also managed to sort my earthing problem (fingers crossed.

anyway a good day

next things are to clean the interior, tidy the car, remove the rear seats, get harnesses in.. oh and sort the rattling cambelt cover.

lol, nah angry cloe loves ya :P..

thanks for that alex, makes it all worth it hearing things like that..

well made a new purchase thanks to sneydster . cheers bud

just got to make up some smart looking base plates now

pics to accompany sundays mayhem......

lolol.. look at the jubilation of big jase's face... its clearly been a while since he found his small tool!!!!! lolol

just need one now of the empty bay.. before and after a clean....

but now for the highlight of the day.. deej's up n cummence....

BIGGY says, "Bleed *****"

Ok , since as i had some group n suspension rubbers i decided it would be a nice time to remove a little of the rust that had built up on my spax suspension and jst brighten it up a little, however i didnt want to go as far as powercoating as come summer i plan for some bilstein coilovers, so anyway here is a few pics.

wirebrush to remove old paint and flaky rust.

sarah begins on the springs

2 completed dampers

2 completed springs

and a set of group n rubbers

the car as it stands  :cry:

one completed suspension leg

well as you can see from the pic the car is now alive and running with full working electrics, however it is still not 100% perfect mechanically.

Plans are for this week to fit my Avo Front CoilOvers Whilst at the same time doing my DriveShaft Oil Seals to try to solve my leaking G-Box problem.

Then at the weekend i plan to get a Heater Matrix as mine seems to have a leak hence the condensation forming in my car.

Busy week again :).

Once is leaking no more fluids and gripping the road like it should ill get onto making it look the part.

hehe, i look forward to the heater martix, tonight i swapped my drive shaft seals for some new pug items.  Here are a few pics

New seals. (diffrent to the ones i removed)

Old seal

New Seal fitted

Today i had a delivery

so hopefully i plan to get them on Saturday, as well as pick up a new rad and fit it , aswell as find a heater matrix from loomsies, plus fit it. oh its great fun :P

Well had a busy weekend, thanks to biggy and jason for taking me shopping for my new parts.

new heater matrix
new radiator
full exhaust plus 4 branch manifold.

Heater matrix was a doddle, little fiddly but cant see what so many people seemed to find so hard about it.

new rad is on now, so now more constant filling up with water.

coilovers are now on, and the car handles like it should.

and a big thanks to biggy putting up with me and helping me fit my new exhaust manifold.

Not much of a update here, just a old pic of the engine we have put in it. Plans are now to get it all pretty  :wink:

yo yo , me at silly oclock in morning


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« Reply #1 on: 08:47, Fri 18 April 2008 »
Nice looking 205, i've had 3 of them in the past.

Take the time to remove all the trim and spray over it with satin black (or gloss black for extra shine!). Makes a massive difference.  8)


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« Reply #2 on: 16:51, Fri 18 April 2008 »
Whats a great job u've done...  the after pics of the car look really tidy!  I had a grey 1.9 gti..  but white is the best choice!   8)   cool!

big dave

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« Reply #3 on: 12:00, Tue 22 April 2008 »
nice 205 mate i looked at 1 before buying my 5.


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« Reply #4 on: 21:27, Tue 22 April 2008 »
nice motor mate 8)


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« Reply #5 on: 02:06, Sat 26 April 2008 »
indeed that looks v nice, i can only hope that my project cars will look like that in the future!


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« Reply #6 on: 17:35, Sat 26 April 2008 »
thanks for comments