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turbo charge

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« on: 21:44, Wed 06 February 2008 »
I HAVE HAD 4 RENOS SO FAR I HAD A RED 1 THEN A GREEN THEN A PEARL WHITE NOW I HAVE A tungsten grey one. my car has a group n clutch. and a group a carburettor it also has a g.t.11 turbocharger. the car has had alot of engine work it has  a closed loop recirculating race dump valve  a stainless steel turbo heatshield. a t3 actuator strengthened head bolts  and in car adjustable boost. and spider valve. samco silicon boost+ coolant hoses a kewt fast- raod camshaft lightened+ balanced flywheel+pistons. there alot more on the engine  my engine was dne by gt tuning.  will get pic very soon.[/url]
was once a track car.