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My cars, past and present.
« on: 15:32, Sat 03 November 2007 »
I still can't work out if it's sad not being able to break away from R5 ownership. It's just theres nothing else out there that has quite the same appeal. Not to mention theyre small enough to work on in my tiny garage!
Anyway, for those that care, heres a few pics of what I've had over the years.

My first 5, a 3 door 1721cc GTX.

Bought this back in '99 and made countless mods to it over the next 2 years. The maddest being a wall of ten 10" pioneer sub's to replace the rear seats. Lowered, naturally! Tint's, back when you could get away with them! Loved this car, it had covered over 150K miles when I let it go in 2002.

Second 5, 1992 1100cc campus.

Bought this as a stop-gap car when my gearbox blew up in my modded AX GT. Was incredibly slow but ran of vapours, and of course had to be dropped in the weeds as far as possible!

Third 5, 1995 1400i campus.

Bought this as a standard car in early 2004. All the turbo bits were offered to me silly cheap from local sources, so it was only right to bolt them on! Again, lowered like a loon! Stripped all the interior out of this one, and it was actually pretty nippy for what it was. Handled like it was on rails too.

Fourth 5, 1989 5door 1400cc GTS.

Needed a cheap runabout to haul myself, a friend and our fishing tackle about, and this cropped up in the local paper. Yes I know it's a 5 door, but it was such a good deal I couldn't say no. Got it with 6months MOT and Tax, a shoebox full of history and only 3 local owners from new for 150! Bought it 18 months ago and still got it now! What can I say, it's ideal for my fishing needs!

Fifth 5, 1990 1721cc Monaco.

Now this is the current project. Bit of an impulse buy I have to admit, but I thought it was worth a try. It's got 57K genuine miles on the clock, and was totally 100% standard when I got it back in July, but I've since added some clear indicators, lowered it into the weeds again, and fitted a REAL HID lighting kit. It came with 900's worth of personal number plate on, and I got the car and plate for 1k. Let the plate go for 800 as a quick sale, and I'm now left with a tidy project base car for a couple of hundred. It came with 12months MOT and 6months tax too, BUT, and heres the thing. All was well until a few weeks ago when I started getting this horrible knocking from what I thought was the inner CV joints. On closer inspection it appears to be the diff thats at fault going by the amount of free play, so it looks like new gearbox time. :cry:
Now I had planned to use the car as it is through the winter months, and get on with some serious engine mods in the spring. As usual something comes along to spoil my plans, and It looks like I'm gearbox hunting! Trouble is, where to get hold of a JB3 gearbox with the right final drive ratio?

I had planned to go down the Volvo 480 turbo transplant route, buying a donor car for all the bits. Now the part I'm unsure of is will the 480's gearbox mate up to the R5 driveshafts and mounting points on the subframe? If this is the case then theres no point in me trying to find a seperate gearbox and I might as well just start looking for a donor car that little bit sooner.
So, does anyone know if the box will fit?

Answers on a postcard please....  :wink:
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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 22:22, Sat 03 November 2007 »
Very nice collection mate, Glad to see a proper five nut. he he. keep up the good work. Im not sure on the volvo gearbox bit i have heard of someone chucking a clio williams box onto a five.. dont know if its true though havent seen any evidence of this yet....Good luck !!


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 14:34, Thu 08 November 2007 »
You had whole R5 collection available :)  Love the color of present one. Regarding the box.... Keep yours from monaco :wink: