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strange cutting out.
« on: 19:59, Fri 14 June 2013 »
hi guys im totally baffled with my car now. it seems to idle ok but when i rev it it wants to cut out and when i try to drive it its really lumpy. the car has been sat in my barn over the last few years and i have given it a full engine rebuild and replaced most things. the carb has had a full refurb kit on it. i have replaced all vacuum and fuel pipes. I have checked for any air leaks i can and all seems good. i have cleaned the idle jet out numerous times and drained the carb bowl. i have also checked the mixture screw is set right and the end still in place. i have noticed when the car is idling the dump valve diaphragm opens and closes is this normal? also when its idling with the carb top off the carb seems to have a  crackling noise. is this normal? the pump jet seems to be squirting fuel down the venturi well through the brass nozzel. anyone got any ideas as its totally baffling me. i have just put 20 pounds worth of fuel in it from asda could this be the problem? as a few people have told me asda fuel is rubbish. appreciate any help thanks


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Re: strange cutting out.
« Reply #1 on: 17:04, Mon 17 June 2013 »
Did you have any luck getting this sorted?
If not heres a few ideas's for you...
Have you tried removing the dump valve? Sometimes when they leak they can cause the car to run erratically.
The one way valves at the back of the inlet manifold can seize and cause some problems. Also there is an air restrictor in that breather circuit that if not fitted can cause the car to run erratically. Would need to see a pic of your engine bay to see if your running the cup mod or not to know if need this or not.
What main and a/c jet you running in the carb?
Is the carb one of these Grp A bored out carbs at all?
Also are you sure you have connected everything back up correctly? take a few pics and post them up and we can check for you if you like.
It could be ignition related too.. Has the TDC sensor, plugs, plug leads been checked?
Also if you have rebuilt it are you sure the timing gear is in the correct position?
This is all I can think off at the minute..
You maybe have it sorted already..
Dont give up anyway lol   :mrgreen:


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Ruri no Shima
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