Author Topic: Turbo Guage not Working  (Read 29336 times)


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Turbo Guage not Working
« on: 23:21, Wed 29 May 2013 »
Hi guys,

I've noticed that my turbo guage has decided to stop working. Can anyone tell me what needs replaced to get this going again? I'm guessing it's just a sensor but not sure where to start. The turbo itself is working fine, it's just the gauge.

Many thanks,



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Re: Turbo Guage not Working
« Reply #1 on: 09:03, Thu 30 May 2013 »
There's no sensor, just a pipe.

It's either come disconnected at the rear of the gauge or in the engine bay. It attaches to the left hand side of the carb elbow, it should enter into the car through the bulkhead at the same point the speedo cable does.