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Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 11:20, Wed 24 October 2007 »

have you added your pics to the cars bit?  cant wait to see it.

look foward to hearing from you soon   :D

Your cars /
« on: 09:18, Mon 22 October 2007 »
cool cheers for the reply.

did you have to do any mods to get the wheels in or did they fit nicely?

thanks again for your help

Your cars /
« on: 14:27, Sun 21 October 2007 »
hows this beauty coming on now??

what size wheels did you have on with the dimma kit?

General Chat /
« on: 14:35, Fri 19 October 2007 »

if you are going to do the work your self id get the car acid dipped or shot blast, im going to get my other renny acid dipped when i find a place that does it lol, if not there is a shot blast place up the road and it will do there.

have you had a look on for the bodykits and other stuff? they have a range of stuff for the R5 think it might be a touch on the expensive side but i havent found anywhere else that still does it apart from like you said prima.
im really sad to say to that bb tuning dont offer a servie for rennys anymore, they still sell engine rebuild kits but not fitted anymore, they dont offer rolling road anymore either, think they have gone all scoobie.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 14:20, Fri 19 October 2007 »

thanks guys for the help, the kit is the same as the dimma kit but doesnt have them nastey looking lines in the rear quaters. im a little weary of using spacers as i will think my wheels are going to fall off lol, i reckon that might be the way to go tho and il have to over come my fear of spacers  :?

what are the offset of the wheels on the monte carlo kit? i do love that kit, thought bout buying that myself and then came across some body kit moulds for sale for the wide boy kit so brought them and got some made up which was a lot cheaper. still tempted for monte carlo tho as you dont see many with that kit.
have you got any pics of it as id love to see it.

would i be able to tell the offset from the amount of spacers i use? and maybe go about it that way?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wheel offset
« on: 15:47, Wed 17 October 2007 »
hi guys & gals

hope everyone is ok!!

ive got plans for one of my rennys, ive got a big wide body kit to put on it very simlar to the dimma kit, ive got to get some new wheels and im not sure what offset would be best.  i was going to buy some big wide wheels mayb like 8-9 wide but then remembered il probley have the problem that they will scrape on the inside of the arch at the back of the wheel as well as probley the top of the arch, i then started thing about offset and that if i get a smaller offset the wheels will sit to the edge of the body kit and hopefully not scrape on the back but ive got no idea on how to measure what offset i will need without having a wheel there to measure, are you with me lol?

im hoping to get some rims with a dish/lip on them which i believe will affect the offset too??

can anyone help me out please? im stuck  :shock:

 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

Non Renault topics /
« on: 18:42, Tue 02 October 2007 »
fuck them euro cars :oops:

want a reliable turbo??    so buy a honda and build 1  lol :twisted:

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 09:23, Thu 06 September 2007 »
yeah dont run with no thermostat its not good to run to cold can cause more problems


Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:40, Tue 04 September 2007 »
hard metal shiney chrome pipes are always good for replacements as well, they dont expand like rubber/silicone pipes which leads to easyer flow, i know hard pipes are much better for boost ones than silicone.
hope ya pipe works and its not a head gasket altho head gasket on a renny isnt to bad.

hope you get on well    :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:37, Tue 04 September 2007 »

im going to be doing the same when i can afford to buy one, gotta have a lookie on my renny cd at home to see if the campus has less strengthening than the turbo as im not sure.
yeah just swapped the complete rear axle and all other bits, the fixing holes will be in the campus shell.
will let ya know if i find anything on strengthening if ya like.
should be fairly straight forward tho get any problems drop a post and will see if i can help at all


General Chat /
« on: 12:28, Tue 04 September 2007 »
nah dont think il be going, think its miles away from where i am and i think thats the place where someones scoobie got stripped while they were off looking round, bloody cheek hey, id be well jard if i came back and all the stuff was taken from my car bet he was too.
not that people like that should put you off going.

hope you have a good weekend and take lots of pics to post for us that cant make it  :D

Your cars /
« on: 08:47, Wed 29 August 2007 »
cool glad you aint known it before, i like to be different!
already got my engine and the body kit sorted, just need to get in gear and get it sorted.
the grey one is almost a rolling shell, just gotta sort the rust out before thinking of sticking the engine in.
cant wait to get it started and on the road, also cant wait to take it to santa pod to see how good it is up the strip.
my b/f has a crx engine turbo'd in his 4th gen civic and he got a 14.3 so im hoping that il wip that lol
so many plans so little time lol

 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

General Chat / trax silverstone 2nd sept - this sunday
« on: 10:39, Tue 28 August 2007 »
hey peeps

any body heading down to trax this weekend??

i should be there, not sure if the renny is coming or not, depends if the civic has a new head gasket by then or not.

 :D  :D  :D

Your cars /
« on: 09:20, Tue 28 August 2007 »
thanks for all your opinions il keep them in mind when im doing things.

hopefully find some light bits in the future ready for when the body kit goes on.

anyone ever seen a renault 5 vtec turbo??  if not you might very well do in the future  :D

Your cars /
« on: 09:01, Fri 24 August 2007 »
looks great i really like it

are you going to be racing in it??

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