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Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 08:33, Sat 07 July 2007 »
GTTBoy.. ..thanks for help

RickGTT.. ..why? gordini head si much better - better ports, bigger valves etc. I plan to go EFI (megasquirt) and exhaust and intake manifold aren't so hard to made (i have some friends who can make me flanges and know how to TIG weld 8) ).

Renault 5 GT Turbo / GTT bottom end with Alpina turbo head
« on: 13:40, Fri 06 July 2007 »
How difficult is to combine GTT bottom end with Renault 5 Alpina turbo head? I've seen couple of this engines on the internet, so it could be done.. ..but how difficult is it?

Here is one:  CLICK

Your cars /
« on: 12:33, Sun 01 July 2007 »
Quote from: "DJ Dark"
v. smart...u goin for any body stylin? or just keepin it as is?

No body styling. This car is used as daily driver and for autoslaloms, so styling isn't the priority. I will be lowerd for one or two cm more as it is and some day it may get colored bumpers (in same color as body).

Next step will be engine turning :-) Since I'm driving in <1600ccm class I'll stay with 1.4 energy lump. A known Slovenian rally mechanic and driver will lighten and balance bottom end (cranck, flywheel, pistons, rods), port&polish the head and lower the head for higher CR. Other components will remain standard (for now), except ported&polished exhaust manifold and bigger carb or maybe injection from 1.4i engine (98+ Clio 1.4 75HP), with remap.

1.4 energy engines with lightned&balanced bottom end and headwork + ECU remap (SPI models) had between 100 and 110HP (reved up to 8300RPM) on standard cam and intake/exhaust, so it should be a very fun car to drive (110HP and 700kg when striped) :twisted:

Your cars /
« on: 15:36, Wed 27 June 2007 »

Your cars /
« on: 21:41, Mon 18 June 2007 »
Wheels are painted :)

195/45-14 tyres on OZ F1 CUP wheels, mounted on my (dirty) 5 :D

Your cars /
« on: 09:42, Mon 11 June 2007 »
I've finally got my new 2" gauges - oil and water temp. and tachometer.

This is how it should look when finished:

And two more:

Your cars /
« on: 15:54, Tue 05 June 2007 »
Latest update...

...I've finally found couple of hours for changing my old box (JB1 035 - weird ratios, with FD 3.4 :roll:), with this new one from Renault Express (gear ratios better suitet to my engine, with FD 4,2.. ..thats enough for top speed aprox. 200km/h (125mph) at 7000RPM). I need short box, since I'm driving autoslaloms with this car + it's my daily driver :lol:

14" OZ F1 CUP wheels:

Sand blasting and powder coating si curently too expresive for my budget, so I've decided to clean, sand and prepair these wheels myself - this one is finished and is waiting for painting.. ..other 3 wheels are still waiting to be finished:

New 195/45-14 Toyo T1S tyres :twisted:

Slowly I'm making the progress..

Your cars / Renault 5 Energy
« on: 12:51, Wed 30 May 2007 »
Its not a GTT, but still (I hope) an interesting R5. It is 1993 red Renault 5 Campus.

swaped 1.4 8V Energy lump (E6J, 80HP)
mild DIY head word
JB1 046 gearbox from Renault Express (4,2 FD)

complete front suspension from R5 GTT with shortned standard spings :roll:
H&R lowering springs (-40mm) - jet to be installed

GTT calipers
Lucas discs
Trusting/Fritech (race) pads

original 13" steelies with 165/60-13 Falken ZE-502 tyres
6Jx14 OZ F1 CUP - must send them for sand blasting and powder coating (in black)
195/45-14 Toyo T1S tyres

R19 1.8 16V seats
GTT stearing wheel + 5cm spacer

stock beside some holes in front bumper :lol:

I'm waintg for some orderd parts to come: oil and water temp. gauges (2") + tachometer, used racing seats and some other small stuff.

extensive head work
bigger carb (probably 32/34 or 32/36 Weber/Solex)
GTT grill

Here are some pictures:

Seats - from left to right - Campus, GTT, R19 16V:

Brakes - on the letf are standard ones, on the right sre from GTT:

Engine swap:

Head porting:


After (almost completed):

Your cars /
« on: 20:57, Wed 21 March 2007 »
Quote from: "BNZ"
A new movie is in production !  :twisted:
For now i am gathering more materials !

nice to hear that..

Your cars /
« on: 08:32, Mon 19 March 2007 »
Do you have any more pictures or videos of you and your car in action?

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