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Your cars / Non-Renault.... the new WIP
« on: 16:51, Fri 14 August 2009 »
Picked her up last night, happy with the car but it does need some FTT touches ;)
220 Gsi Turbo in charcoal, just has a dv & exhaust at the moment but.....
Suspension is 1st port of call, then address the rims, then the engine..
The 1st thing to sort is the leaky tank & loose rear ARB.

General Chat / Moral dilema
« on: 14:42, Tue 11 August 2009 »
Right the story so far...
Was going to buy a rover 220gsi turbo from Ireland, this had no tax or mot & was going to cost 700 with 260 transportation fee's. Then a few days later another one came up in Cornwall for 1300 so I cancelled the Ireland one which I felt bad about. Sorted out with the other guy to arrange to pick the car up etc this week, which means 6hrs on the train & then 5hrs back, not to impressed with that prospect but I thought sod it i've always wanted a hatch, then... Would you believe it yesterday I find another in Luton for 1700, already knocked the guy down to 1400 as well ( Luton is 1 1/2 hrs away) & it's a better colour, now I haven't told the guy in Cornwall this yet & I have arranged to see the one in Luton Thursday, now i feel bad as I said 100% i wanted the car in Cornwall & the guy did a little work on he car (mainly taking good bits off actually), what would you do, go for the one thats closer or the one you arranged to go & buy?

General Chat / Anyone having problems with davesgtt's post up
« on: 09:44, Mon 10 August 2009 »
Anyone still with outstanding parts from this guy please post up what it is & what you paid, also when you paid etc.
& we'll see if we can try to sort anything out, hopefully he'll be in touch & sort this out, failing that he will be banned :(


General Chat / Back in the seat of a Renault
« on: 08:10, Tue 30 June 2009 »
No not a GTT but the wifes Megane Scenic 1.6 16v sport, nice car to drive actualy & we can actualy fit all 3 car seats in the rear wheras the Zr we couldn't.... It's only a 2001 model but it has air con, never knew what we were missing till yesterday. lol.

General Chat / Laptop probs
« on: 14:03, Tue 05 May 2009 »
May be offline for a bit as my laptop isn't well.. the mouse won't work so i have to tab everything, i had serious security issues but managed to sort that at the expence of the mouse.. feckin annoying, if anyone has any ideas on what to do give me a shout..


General Chat / Quarter Mile times.
« on: 09:18, Sat 25 April 2009 »
Quarter mile times here, PM a mod or LEE to add a time in, times from slips only will be added so you need to send a pic of the slip as proof !!
Also add a small spec list of turbo,intercooler, use of nos/slicks etc. You can send bhp figures as well if you like, i'll start with my old car from last year.

11 sec GT Turbo's

Rob BYR 11.97 @ 120 -- T28, 285 cam, FMIC, drag tyres,23psi manifold, nos 25hp

12 sec GT Turbo's

Marky Mark 12.3 @ 111mph -- VNT, MSM cam, FMIC, Drag tyres, 20psi

Marky Mark (campus) 12.65@108.21mph -- T28, 21psi, 285 cam, fmic, MH slicks, clio 16v gearbox

Steve L 12.78 @ 108.8 -- T25,285 cam, FMIC, drag tyres, 24psi manifold.

Brigsy (extra van) 12.8@106 -- T28, 20lb boost, piper 285, fmic, mh 22" slicks.

13 sec GT Turbo's

scotty b  13.3 @101mph in mine at the pod, street tyres, 15 psi, re-jetted carb, std engine and double cap intercooler.

rs250nut 13.4 -- Gt2554r with .49 hot side, .42 t3 compressor, 260 cam, fmic, 21psi, modded carb, road tyres.

14 sec GT Turbo's

Tim B 14.6 in my extra van at Shakespeare raceway 2007. Std engine @ 15 psi on a T2. Toyo R888 tires.

dave r5 14.83 @99 14psi at north weald, test an tune .part worn tyres . volvo engine. fmic .

15 sec GT Turbo's

dikky 15.4 @ 90 at santa pod. double cap intercooler, stainless exhaust, rejetted carb 13psi boost

16 sec GT Turbo's

Other Renault/non Renault

cliolord.......Clio mk1 2.0 16v 0Psi - 13.28 @ 108.89mph

General Chat / Asda complaints line...
« on: 18:49, Wed 25 March 2009 »

go 2 mins in... made me lol....

General Chat / How many Renault Turbo's (taken from RTOC)
« on: 23:55, Thu 19 February 2009 »
With thanks to Sparkie off RTOC.

we had another update at work of the dvla system. Some weirdness has occurred!

Fuego Turbo- previously 41, now 46.
r5 mk2 gt turbo ph1- previously 623, now 719.
r5 mk2 gt turbo ph2- previously 2121, now 2478.
r5 mk2 gt turbo raider- previously 322, now 360.
r11 turbo- previously 145, now 167.
r9 turbo- previously 29, now 33.
GTA- previously 195, now 205.
GTA lemans- previously 27, now 29.
A610- previously 51, now 50.
r18 turbo- previously 128, now 130.
r5 mk1 gordini turbo- previously 113, now 132.
r5 mk1 le car 2 turbo- previously 8, now 8.
r21 turbo- previously 353, now 437.
r21 turbo quadra- previously 58, now 63.
r25 turbo- previously 52, now 65.

the guys here reckon the database, is onroad cars and SORN'd cars. The database numbers rising is due to cars being re-assigned a designation - maybe r5 gt turbo wrongly being called a r5 campus and then being adjusted. or maybe its all b0llox!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / The big 2000
« on: 22:15, Wed 07 January 2009 »
Yep, this post puts me at 2000 posts of crap on here  :lol:

General Chat / So, did you all get what you wanted ??
« on: 10:23, Fri 26 December 2008 »
For christmas, did you all get what you wanted from Santa then ??

General Chat / Santa came early for me
« on: 17:30, Tue 23 December 2008 »
My new rifle stock turned up today :)
Well pleased with it, yep, i even modify my target rifle  :lol:

I already treated it to a carbon barrel shroud & some bling :)

General Chat / Happy Christmas thread
« on: 18:09, Mon 15 December 2008 »
Well we're nearly there so.....

General Chat / This guy has some serious skill
« on: 11:25, Sat 29 November 2008 »

General Chat / The day i had yesterday !
« on: 15:25, Tue 11 November 2008 »
Started out by pi55ing down with rain so no worky, then i decided that we'd make use of the day by looking at a new car for the wife, i'm in Sussex, cars near Slough, just off the M4 to be exact.

We head off, the wife, my little boy & me, motorway not too bad etc for once so we get there in good time, bloody wet though.

Have a look round the car, slight oil leak & 2 near bald tyres, result me thinks as i can knock the guy down (car was up for 2225 & i got it down to 1850) All good i'm thinking.......

This is where it get's interesting for those still with me :)

We set off home, the wife in my car & me in the ZR as i'm insured for any car, we come to the last roundabout on the M4 to hit the 25 & yep, you guessed it, we get split up, i wait on the hard shoulder just round the rounabout only to see the wife dissapear off to Heathrow, crap   i'm thinking, so i'm in the car, screaming NOOOOOO (yes i was actually shouting that & continued to do so for quite a while) & then it gets worse, my mobile is in MY car so no way of comunication!

I wait for a bit & then start to panic, reverse up a little & get back round the roundabout & head off into Heathrow myself, no sign, more panic. So i head back to the garage so i can use there phone, except i can remember 2 numbers, mine & my old bosses, i give the boss a quick call to see if on the off chance they have her number, yes, wahey, panic over... except it's her old number , crap!

So i ring my phone, no answer, i try 20 times, still nothing, now i'm really panicing as i know the wife has no idea of where she is, i gave her advice if we got lost to look for M25 S signs & then M23 S signs but since she'd headed off into the terminals ......

All this & i've got no & the car needs petrol !

Luckily the garage stuck a squirt in for me, i give one last try on the mobile & get an answer... can't talk now i'm driving she says  Err yeah but Where TF are you, i'm 25 miles from Gatwick she says  :lol:  well the relief i can tell you... & we had to get back to pick up my daughter from school, luckily the wife sorted that but we also had to get back to pick up my brother & his boy to go to the O2 arena, was supposed to leave at 4pm, accident on the M25 & i get back at 330pm & back out the door back onto the M25 the other way up to Dartford !!

Bloody long day for me!

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