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General Chat / Sold the Evo tonight...
« on: 23:53, Thu 13 May 2010 »
Well I made a desiscion to sell the Evo the other night & it went tonight, I will miss it but not the fuel bills  :mrgreen:  
 Was keeping me in my overdraft (& over it :oops: ) & with 3 kids it  just wasn't going to work :(
So I am on the look out at the moment for a new car, I have been looking at BMW 330 ci M-sports & was thinking about another GTT, but after thinking about it I'm not sure I can be bothered to tinker anymore or have the woes of rotten shells & welding again !
I feel the need for some RWD action as well..... :twisted:

Spotted / Was It You? / G reg flip paint in Portslade
« on: 16:29, Sun 28 March 2010 »
Anyone off here ?
Looked nice anyway, I was in the black Evo going the other way...  :mrgreen:

Non Renault topics / BMW 330d
« on: 09:12, Wed 24 March 2010 »
Anyone got any info about these cars, anything to watch for, do they really give 40mpg+
Just thinking ahead as the Evo may have to go at some point 66 miles to 20 litres of fuel = not being able to go any distance without knowing where all the petrol stations are  :mrgreen:
Think I may be getting old :( I'm thinking about a more economical car....

Do it yourself / Some info on campus to GTT conversion
« on: 09:43, Thu 11 March 2010 »
Thought I'd put this here so it didn't get lost as there is some useful info.
If anyone has anything else to add go for it.


General Chat / One stop tool shop
« on: 22:56, Wed 27 January 2010 »
Everything you could ever need & at good prices. ... ols_4.html

General Chat / Just off to pick up the 5
« on: 19:50, Wed 27 January 2010 »
Just off to pick up the new car :)

Your cars / Back in a 5.......
« on: 16:38, Thu 21 January 2010 »
Evo 5 that is !!
Don't quite know how it happened but as of next week it looks like I will be driving an Evo 5  :mrgreen:
Always wanted a 5 or 6 & this one came up on the cheap through a mate so I coulodn't say no.
Grabbed a couple of piccies last night on the phone (which seems to have a scratch across the left side of the lens  :(  )

Spec so far 22/2/2010

HKS airfilter
Front & rear strut braces
18" Speedline turini's
Mishimoto alloy rad
Scorpion de-cat & downpipe
Mongoose cat back exhaust
walbro fuel pump
Evo 8 MR turbo
Poly rear diff bushes & front ARB's

General Chat / Congrats James
« on: 09:27, Tue 12 January 2010 »
Just seen his missus has given birth to their 4th child. Baby boy this time as well.

Well done both of you & hope Lauren makes a speedy recovery.


ps...snip snip

General Chat / Epic date FAIL !
« on: 16:50, Mon 14 December 2009 »

General Chat / Lost your locking wheel nut key ??
« on: 18:59, Thu 03 December 2009 »

Media / Priceless Irish Rally vid
« on: 00:52, Tue 01 December 2009 »
NSFW if you don't have headphones   :mrgreen:

Media / Flamer kit.... how not to do it
« on: 09:13, Sun 01 November 2009 »

General Chat / Crap, just holed the sump on the 220T
« on: 16:45, Sat 03 October 2009 »
Yep, country lanes & an 800 sump on a 220 don't mix (they are deeper), been meaning to change it for a week or two for the 220 one I have on the spare lump... just have to do it now  , at least I managed to limp home just as the oil light came on as I was only round the corner, hope it hasn't damaged the engine, as I parked the top just, just started to rattle slightly, only very slightly & oil was still pi55ing out of the bottom when I parked up....
O the plus side the rear end does feel very planted with the poly kit on.

Companies offering discounts / CR Turbos
« on: 08:20, Thu 03 September 2009 »
Offering good prices on all turbo's to members on this site.
There is a short spec list in the for sale section with prices, these prices may have changed slightly, I will try to ring myself to confirm.
Ring up & ask for Mark, then mention the site or myself, Steve.
PM me for details on a further discount.

General Chat / Photoshop request...
« on: 22:25, Sat 29 August 2009 »
As I 1. don't have photoshop & 2. wouldn't have a clue how to do it if I did. lol.
Can someone photoshop these wheels onto my car please ?



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