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General Chat / Re: PFC Magazine March Issue - coming soon
« on: 16:55, Wed 16 February 2011 »
Performance French Cars March/April Update – Free Energy Shot!

Small image

Large image

WhSmith Launch issue - Voltz energy drink giveaway (bottle supplied via post - request online).

1 - Prep your car for the track - a guide to trackdays
2 - Wild and turbocharged Peugeot 106 from Pug1Off tuning
3 - Renault Clio turbo (cover car)
4 - Rally report from Monte Carlo
5 - Mad Mark and his rallycross Citroën Xsara
6 - GPS timing devices explained
7 - Temperature sensors explained
8 - A history of the Renault Alpine
9 - Special SPOTTED readers cars section
10 - Group B rally Peugeot 205 T16 rebuild
11 - Renault Megane buyers guide
12 - Peugeot 106 Dimma profile
13 - Full club and events listings
14 - French Car Show preview
15 - News and products plus website reviews
16 - PFC visits... RS Tuning and Spax Performance
17 - TrackScotland mega meet at Knockhill
18 - Autosport show report ... ssue-Enjoy
Also request magazine in your local newsagents:- ... News-Agent
Also in WH Smiths from 24th February:- ... n-Whsmiths
Readers Cars / Features ... Submission
Clubs – we are looking for more clubs to submit a club profile and you will be rewarded with two pages in the magazine to advertise your club.
Neil & Jillian

General Chat / PFC Magazine March Issue - coming soon
« on: 15:33, Sat 29 January 2011 »
Performance French Cars Magazine Update

Thanks for everyone’s support on the magazine, feedback on the last issue has been awesome and many have commented the new approach under the direction of Editor David Corfield is fantastic.

Next issue out in the next couple of weeks includes:-

K Tec Turbo’d Clio

Major news on French Car Show 2011

Pug1off Turbo’d 205 and a 106

Guide to track prep – Team Arm

Visit to Spax Suspension

Visit to RS Tuning

Free bottle of Voltz Energy Shot

Track Scotland Day @ Knockhill

Cliosport Celebrates ten years

Megane 2 Buyers Guide

Mad Marks Citroen Xsara rebuild

Project Group B T16 continues

Super 1600 C2

Tech guides

Autosport Show report

Renault Alpine History
The magazine is crammed to the brim with top quality content.

Subscribe for a year at

£2.33 per issue plus £1 post charged at cost. Saving 33% on retail sale/delivery

Jillian & Neil

Quote from: "LEE"
Can we get a mention on the Club Listings page... or Links page ?

Certainly, i'll make sure that the site is mentioned in the next issue in club listings for you.

If you are looking for a little piece about the site in the magazine, feel free to get in touch, we are always looking for club profiles to cover.


The latest bumper edition of Performance French Cars is being distributed as we post this message.

(subscribers your magazines were posted 15/12).

The contents of the fattest Performance French Cars magazine is listed below. The magazine is truly rammed to the brim with some serious French motoring info, tech and features. Not a single chav in sight!!  100 pages (16 more than previous publisher)

French Car Show date is also listed in the magazine.

8 News
What’s hot this month. Peugeot’s Le Mans weapon breaks cover

10 Products
All the latest cool kit for your motor

12 Tech Talk
This month, our tech guru gets serious with O2 sensors

14 Carbon Footprint
Streamline Carbon’s Clio is a work of art. We reveal the story of how it lost its roof, and why...

22 Bic’s Diary
What’s Bic been up to with the 106 this month?

25 Road Trip
The ultimate destination? Nürburgring, of course...

26 Cor-Dini!
The Editor gets his hands on Renaultsport’s new Clio Gordini

29 Tracklogic
A new gadget that provides on board diagnostics

30 Detailing
How to clay your paint and prep it for polishing

32 Buyers Guide
Clean Mitts advises on the best car shampoos out there

34 Track Attack
Turbo’d Saxo VTS is a hard hitter on the track

41 Here Comes the Belgian!
Renault 21 Turbo Europacup lookalike - looks magnificent!

46 Rolling Road Shootout
Cliosport invite PFC to Tour de Force for a day on the rollers

55 Loeb Unlimited
A PFC exclusive! The seven-time Citroën World Rally Champion speaks to us about his career

61 Behind the Scenes
How Citroën cleaned up at Rally GB, with exclusive behind the scenes pics

64 Classic Rallying
The inside story on the infamous Group B Citroën BX4TC

68 Life at the Top
A look back at the C4 WRC’s career highlights. There have been quite a few...

72 Project T16
An amazing restoration of an iconic 205 Turbo 16 rally car

78 Super Saxo
Another Saxo track weapon, this time with the heart from a rather famous AX!

82 Club Listings
Want a mention for your club? Email [email:xrcgl9aw][/email:xrcgl9aw]

85 Buyer’s Guide to the 205 GTI
All the inside knowledge you need to get your hands on one of the best pocket rockets ever made

90 106 Rallye
A much-admired hot hatch with no frills has a large following

94 Club profile: Saxperience
Celebrating ten years of Saxo worship.

96 Nurburgring Tours
Get your holiday booked next year with these guys...

98 Next issue
What to expect in the next fantastic issue of PFC

Neil & Jillian

General Chat / PFC November Edition
« on: 21:45, Sat 16 October 2010 »
Bumper November issue has just been distributed and it is rammed to the brim. The magazine is expanding at an awesome rate so we hope you like our latest offering………  
Last issue we concentrated on Renault, this month a Peugeot Special and next issue its Citroen but billed as a Rally Special and will be showcased at Autosport/Pistonheads Show in January at the NEC.

PFC is growing up with its expansion and will be covering many more aspects of the French Scene from historic, group B, Motorsport, tuning, modifying and the massive UK club scene. This mag = 84 pages, next a whopping 100! With your help we keep growing….. Please tell your French Car loving friends!

Subscribe - ... rench-Cars

November 2010 -

Tech - Matt Faulks tells us about air sensors.

Tech – Opie Oils give us the inside story about lubrication

Tech – Cleanmitts provide more on detailing

News – X3 pages of the latest news & WSR

New Products – x3 Pages of latest gear including KTecs & Eibachs latest offerings

Hands On – Window Tinting

New - RCZ 200 bhp driven

New - DS3 Racing – Citroen’s exciting new limited edition

New - Lowdown on the Clio Gordini with POSTER

Trader Review – Eccose

Feature - ashes to ashes – read about the trouble and strife encountered by 106 owner kyle

Feature - picture perfect – if carlsberg did a williams clio....

Feature - something for the weekend – Steven Grovetells us how he modified (Cossie blower) his 205 without a garage or a weekday commuter car

Feature - wolf in sheep’s clothing – check out supercar beater 450 bhp peugeot 306

Feature - built not bought – find out about Carl Bowe's 206 and the importance of planning your project

Events - TRAX10 – PFC were there in force, check out the pictures

Clubs - RTOC national day – apart from the weather it was a great day out ... rench-Cars

Jillian and Neil

PS Next issue we are talking WRC Loeb interview, Genuine works 205 T16 restoration project kicks off and more of what we are used to: Performance French Cars!

** Note to admin - PFC magazine lists your club free each issue, we also cover club events and can offer a full page club profile for free. Any questions email

General Chat / Re: PFC Magazine jumps to 100 pages
« on: 20:58, Mon 27 September 2010 »
Thanks mate


PS - January's edition is to be a rally special - so there bound to be something on group b Renault 5 :D

General Chat / Re: PFC Magazine jumps to 100 pages
« on: 20:52, Mon 27 September 2010 »

Do you mind if we do seperate posts each time we have something to add, or do you want it put all in the one thread?


General Chat / **** PFC Magazine jumps to 100 pages ****
« on: 22:29, Fri 24 September 2010 »
PFC Magazine jumps to 100 Pages!


Yes, as a direct result of the support we have received so far, PFC magazine has jumped an amazing 24 pages so far from our first issue, and soon it will be an extra 40 pages! That’s a significant difference in the amount of pages when it was published in the last 2 years.


We will also be announcing a new member to the PFC staff, who is a highly respected member of the automotive community.


The coverage in the magazine is also expanding to include:-



Historic/Classic (80s onwards) Group B Rallye, Alpine etc

More Technical info/guides

Bigger and better features


The 100 page issue will be launched soon, and we will be show casing our magazine at the Autosport/Pistonheads show at the NEC in January for 4 days.


The best bit though – the price remains the SAME! For a years subscription (6 magazines) it’s only £20 – Yes that’s right £20 – what a cheap way to buy a quick present for Christmas for yourself/someone and it is delivered straight to your/their door!


Subscriptions are available online via Paypal ... rench-Cars


Subscriptions via Credit/Debit Card and Single Issues available


Please keep showing your support by passing this message on and subscribing to the magazine.




Jillian & Neil

Newbies / Hi there
« on: 22:28, Fri 24 September 2010 »
Hi folks

We are Jillian and Neil, we write the Scottish Features and promote PFC magazine through the club forums

Neil has worked on a number of 5's whereas I drive a Citroen c2 (don't shout at me)

I hope people don't mind us advertising (some sites have been a bit nippy about it in the past)

Any queries just get in touch


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