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Renault 5 GT Turbo / brakes
« on: 21:33, Mon 14 September 2009 »
hi i jacked up my car the other day to service it done the service put it back on the floor and now my brakes dont work wont build up pressure in the servo if i bend the push in pipe in the sevo that cums out of the inlet manifold it stars to build pressure wierd  :?:  :x  :x  :x  :x

Spotted / Was It You? / red gtt in mansfield close to kingsmill hos
« on: 21:35, Thu 10 September 2009 »
just saw it when i was in the works van looked nice sitting on ronal turbo wheels 8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / car back fireing on full boost
« on: 19:55, Wed 09 September 2009 »
i drive my car normal and it runs mint when i put my foot down it back fires with a loud bang :?  can any body tell me why

Your cars / just been painted wot do you all reckon ?????
« on: 16:18, Mon 31 August 2009 »

Your cars / my 5 project
« on: 22:20, Mon 10 August 2009 »

not no where finished yet getting painted at the end of the month so hope fully should be all done by oct

Newbies / any1 from loughborough or anywhere near
« on: 19:51, Thu 06 August 2009 »
:D  :D

Newbies / hi all
« on: 19:42, Thu 06 August 2009 »
 just a quick hello and to let you no i am a fabricator welder. and make bits like degasing chambers stainless pipework under the engine bay role cages strut braces any thing realy so if you need any thing just ask i will post sum pics up when my 5 is finished i do genral welding on cars to any questions just ask thanks  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / my 5 not chargeing its battery????????
« on: 06:28, Thu 06 August 2009 »
hi i dont no ifanybody can help but i brought a renault 5 turbo h reg off my mate when he took it off the road it was fine stood for abought a year and a half now the battery wont keep its charge ? i have put a new bat on the car and a brand new alternator any idears ??? thanks  :x

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