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General Chat / twin intercooler
« on: 00:25, Fri 03 April 2009 »
had a crazy idea

could i move the stock intercooler down to the inside of the bumper and have a pipe running across the front to a second intercooler

just got given a spare one from my mates friend i brought the car from

some thing along the lines of

genreal pipe layout

were they would sit

Renault 5 GT Turbo / fan wiring
« on: 22:32, Thu 02 April 2009 »
im i right by saying that the live from the fan goes to the fan switch the from the fan switch to the battary with a 10amp fuse of course, and the the earth is run to the front enigne earthing point?

i ask becasue mines been cut and had shoddy wiring to a dash switch.

also whats the temp the switch should active, so i can test mine, as i have a digital themomiter and multi-meter,


General Chat / awsome you tube vids, r5/rally related
« on: 04:11, Thu 02 April 2009 »
sorry if any are reposts

awsome skill ... 9&index=63

near fatal crash, devestated car ... re=related

i feel for the driver, quite moving vid, when you think whats on the drivers mind (skip to 1 minute first part is crap no action) ... re=related

fwd drift, quite a good feat, certainly better than my attempt in a e30!! ... re=related

quite a nice power full gtt ... xt_from=QL

ad some more if you wish, tho have to be awsome vids not just genreal stuff of ppls cars ticking over unless of course its a quadtriple turbo r5  :P  :roll:

went to replace plugs and went to put the new one back in and it was all sloppy!!! didnt screw in! i had to take it off the socket and look

i then relised the hole was to big!!

it took me like 2-3 after comparing spark lugs i relised theres was some thing diffrent about this one i removed, it was wider but couldnt work it out, then relised what seems to be a collet of some kind, only way i can discribe it is a tube with a thread on the out side and the plug is stuck on the in side lol

can it be reoved now its unthreaded its self out the block or is there that part avalible from renault? or maybe some one here has one


Your cars / raider **update**new pics**
« on: 01:18, Wed 01 April 2009 »
tho it dosnt look fantastic itll be nice to see how much car progresses over the next few months

camrea packed up half way though so only have a few pics so far
but heres how she stands

in need of a good wash and detail

very clean underneth

clean (ish) bay, just need wires re routing and tidying

and the problem it has all started by this one wire that got caught between the nearside h/l frame and intercooler

and casued all of the following damage

but on the plus side it came fully serviced even a nice new inclosed filter, minus air feed,only bits not fitted are oil and fuel filter which i have in a placstic bag with the old service parts and a recipet!

So we know how anti-lag works... Advances timing and uses the unburnt fuel by it igniting on the hot exhaust.

But would some thing like this work?

Basic key is
Blue cold side
Red hot side
Yellow is the added pipe

The black item is a actuator to a reverse waste gate
and the purple one is the bov.

The principle and simple working is,

When activated it lets the vacuum pull on the actuator and opens a waste gate to the exhaust and routes a controlled amount to the inlet side by the means of a digital boost controller that you can switch on and off and sets a certain psi to the actuator.

Now how this works is by putting the exhaust out in to the cold side and because of ventri effect the quick gasses entering the cold side would then speed up the hot side and then would spin up on its own accord powered by just the exhaust gasses which is controlled by a little solenoid on the carb butterfly lever, which is activated by the boost controller to(if possible. this would then have the throttle running open slightly to 2k's (maybe 2.5k) just on the tip of the turbo's prime spooling rpm, so when you hit the gas the turbo is there spooling at the right rpm every time and its instant boost.

Once you hit full throttle there would be a micro switch to shut down the boost controller (or different ecu/control box) making the solenoid drop its tension on the accelerator which at this point now has no affect on the throttle at w.o.t any way, this then shuts the antilag wastegate and the car is then as it would be.

What do people think to this and is there any design flaws ?

Comments totally welcome, just a 3am in the morning brain wave !
And also feel free to try this your self if you have inspiration from this?

I hope this hasnít been thought of already itíll spoil my one chance to be rich lol

spool...spoil..get it, ah well :(

Newbies / first turbo... gtt raider, needs tlc!! (pic heavy)
« on: 23:20, Mon 30 March 2009 »
well hello all
already meet some helpfull people here!!

so heres my first turbo,a 1990 raider in a half decent state!

 i hope its not going to turn out to be trouble!!!

basicly the last owner (a good mate) was driving down the road and smoke started poring from the dash, luckly the battary earth was lose enoth to remove!!!

so i brought it as i know the car any how, and how a fire didnt start is any ones guess really,

the reason i have it now is becasue when i removed the dash for him he said fuk that its gone thats to much for me, i insisted on fixing but the ended up buying for £500!!

got dash loom on hold with smithsgtt so big thanks there, just need the headlight loom.

ill start with were it started to were it stopped luckly!!

wire cut by traped under intercooler

plug in drivers foot well

dash loom behind clocks

and this is were it stopped at the black plug!!

any way enoth about the bad bits heres the car , just needs a painted bonnet or one in this colour already.

under the car is clean as and as for rust theres a bit at the bottom of the window, which i monor then a little on the offside leg which again isnt major, just gotta treat it now to be sure!!
in no order (and yes it needs a wash lol)

as you can see its got a full scorp system, but not the first part from the turbo
and 15" comp wheels!

and a lovly vent which in my view is on the wrong side!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wiring loom help, *****update*****
« on: 00:42, Mon 30 March 2009 »
hi just brought a 1989 (G) r5 raider.
its all fine got few nice bits, but the wires that go though the bottom of the bulk head under the pedals have shorted out, making the wires up to as far as the radio area melt but lucky was turnt off before major damage was caused,

the wires seem to be the head lights. if there turnt on the bare wires start somking and same with heater. is 5 wires that come up and over with main loom to fuse box and the detection of smoke was casued when the light got turnt on and caused this.

is this replacable??,if not i can rewire the section, wires are i think red/purple/yellow and again these run down to under the pedels, not traced further than there. will do tomorrow


i need to ask, the front wiring loom that goes to the oil sensors fan wires and alternator wires also runs to the fog lights and to the near side wing to two relay looking items,

can i find these in any other r5 models or do i strictly need the gtt ones?

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