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Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:35, Tue 07 April 2009 »
If your talking about r888s you will have to trim the rear bumper slightly else they will rub. Most 50 tyres should fit on no problem unless they have a thick side wall like the r888s

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:34, Tue 07 April 2009 »
A lot more than that from renault. multiply it by 4 and you might get close im guessing. I have an already sealed one in my back garden if your interested in it for free. rather large to post really, would be funny walking into the post office with it though.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:00, Tue 07 April 2009 »
They are not that bad to change, as long as the bolts have not rusted away underneath. Just remember to unplug the connectors at the top though when removing, and drain out all the petrol before hand else could get messy

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:17, Thu 02 April 2009 »
200sx I believe you need to turn the turbo around for it to fit. Not sure about the punto though, most people go for the rover tomcat turbo and block the section not needed with a plate, think they have a built in dump valve or something like that on them.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 14:45, Wed 01 April 2009 »
I have heard its easy to shatter the GTA rear screen, but haven't heard it on any other car. Could there be too much current going through the screen causing it to heat up?

The GTA only goes on when you turn the ignition on and thats for a couple of secs. If your having trouble starting it will practically be on constantly causing it to overheat and explode. Im sure not a fun thing to happen. Especially with the GTA back window being so expensive.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 07:09, Mon 30 March 2009 »
Jager are OE ones

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 16:27, Sun 29 March 2009 »
I had endless amounts of trouble with clutch cables, broke two with 2 weeks. Went to renault, might be more expensive, but fitted fine straight away and no troubles. Plus that last for ages before I swapped over the engine.

Newbies /
« on: 16:31, Sat 28 March 2009 »
How does a welcome post turn into a post about naked men  :lol:

Newbies /
« on: 12:04, Sat 28 March 2009 »
Well ill go up to 149 posts then stop this. Dont want to see naked men :shock:

Your cars /
« on: 07:20, Fri 27 March 2009 »
Hopefully you can see the pictures. I has changed now though, gone back to original front bumper, bonnet.

Haven't shown the back of car as on these pictures its totally smooth all the way down when I have now put a standard boot/rear bumper in place. Looks much nicer. Need to take more pictures of it really.

Your cars /
« on: 18:18, Thu 26 March 2009 »
Well its started up, running rough, but its all back together again after all that trouble I have had. Need to get it trailered down to Track & Road first then T&T it.

Your cars / Renault 5 GT 16v Turbo
« on: 17:47, Thu 26 March 2009 »
5 GT Turbo (phase 2)


F7P 1.8 16v from a renault 19
R19, ported and polished with williams valves
Turbo Exhaust manifold constructed from a high nickel content
Samco silicon hoses
magnecor KV85 leads
2 1/2" side exit exhaust
Apaptronic programmable ECU
Cosworth high pressure fuel pump
550cc injectors
GT28RS "disco Potato" turbo
Custom TT 2 1/2" v-band downpipe
Wossner 8.0:1 forged piston
.5mm bored out
full bottom end blueprint build
fully lightened and balanced bottom end with all parts replaced for new where needed
adjustable FPR
Baffled Sump
Semi Seam Welded Subframe

6 PSI Boost Pressure (@ manifold)

Clio 172 Gearbox
Valeo Volvo Clutch
Short shift gear leaver + linkage
15" TSW Lightning Alloys

Suspension Details
Lowered 50mm Front apex shocks and springs
Lowered Back + koni Shocks
Sparco Alloy strut brace

BB Big brakes 285mm Front
Cross Drilled Rear
Braided Hoses Front + rear
Green Stuff pads Front + rear

Original how it should be, missing the side stickers.

Cobra Monaco S seats
2" 4 point Sparco Harnesses
6 point Safety Devices roll cage
Rear Strut Brace
Racing steering wheel Momo Corse
Renault clio Clocks
Digital Oil Pressure and Water Temp guages

Newbies / Myself
« on: 17:45, Thu 26 March 2009 »
Hi im Dale, or know as Bigfoot. I come over from RTOC, well just popping my head in just to see if anyone wants to parts but need to post 20 topics so will see a lot of replies from me  :lol:

A lot of you will know me as I do recognise a lot of forum names off RTOC.

Anyone I currently own:

Black Renault 5 GT Turbo - Has a 1.8 16v turbo engine in there, currently waiting for a map when I get myself booked in at track & road.

2 x Renault 5 GT Turbo Raiders, one is going to be a project which im collecting OE parts for at the moment to restore, the other has been cut up with an angle grinder and in the process of getting rid of all the parts.

Also a Renault 19 16v convertible. This is my run around, my abused car which gets me everywhere, including a couple of trips over to germany to rag around the Nurburgring and also whole day at Malory Park

Ill post up pics and specs later to add to my post count so it will be easier to get to that 20 mark. Seeming thats the magic number to reach.

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