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General Chat /
« on: 07:28, Fri 26 June 2009 »
Yeah, somebody purchased a chrome rocker cover, and the same item has been on there 4 times and each time it dont sell for what he wants he says its stolen. then used a different cola account he has got.

Your cars /
« on: 07:24, Wed 17 June 2009 »
Well its mapped for the 2nd time now. More than likely still a lot more to get out of that engine, but happy with the results at the moment, 233bhp at 16psi, dropping down to 13psi, got the boost controller holding the pressure better now though so wont drop off as much. Each time we are running out of time to get more power, but its driving well, smokes a little/lot, but hoping its just the oil drain pipe but means taking it apart and seeing whats happening. But at least its still going =)

Good to see you down there Dave, looking forward to seeing your car as well, should be good once the new ECU is in and get running right.

Your cars /
« on: 19:52, Thu 14 May 2009 »
Well its running once again, getting it ready for a trip down the rolling road this weekend, got it booked in for Monday, its all go once again to get it ready for end of month, tax and MOT this month as well. Then its time to take it up pod see what a few runs can do to it.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 15:24, Thu 30 April 2009 »
What sort of budget you willing to spend and how mechanical minded are you?

Newbies /
« on: 18:34, Tue 14 April 2009 »
Welcome mate, a bit like me, known about the site for ages, but have only signed up the other week

General Chat /
« on: 12:42, Tue 14 April 2009 »
yes the heater matrix part there is no point selling s/h what I have is the complete plastic box with the heater matrix inside.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:21, Tue 14 April 2009 »
Unless your talking about the standard boost guage which doesn't read vacuum :)

General Chat /
« on: 12:19, Tue 14 April 2009 »
I will try selling snow to the eskimos if I could. Its all space and im not needing it the items. You will soon realise when you collect the parts off me this weekend.

General Chat /
« on: 12:10, Tue 14 April 2009 »
Not sure how it will take longer to fit the exact item, but your running the risk of it splitting again with a second hand one. Not that easy to remove and replace so putting a brand new one will more than likely last a lot longer than the old one. Cost wise is not that expensive really. Plus how many people have second hand ones. Oh yeah I got the complete unit sitting spare in my car :)

General Chat /
« on: 10:54, Tue 14 April 2009 »
centre vents only blow cold air anyway. the side ones blow hot air.

General Chat /
« on: 22:57, Mon 13 April 2009 »
Smell the liquid, you could either have the heater matrix leaking, or that you got rain water coming in. If its heater matrix you can have the fun of replacing of as a lot of people do as its gradually getting warmer weather just connect the hoses together in the engine bay and by-pass the matrix.

General Chat /
« on: 19:14, Thu 09 April 2009 »
7-8 hours to do 800 miles :lol: think you might want to take it easier than that

General Chat /
« on: 18:19, Thu 09 April 2009 »
I got that style from Dave at AVT, looked at his site and doesn't appear to sell them anymore though.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 21:34, Wed 08 April 2009 »
Are you renewing the water? if so, put your mouth over the cap top and blow down hard, it will get it flowing, then just repeat process till its all full and the bleed nipples have water flowing out of them.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 07:20, Wed 08 April 2009 »
Whole fuel tank without the sender.

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