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Your cars /
« on: 21:57, Wed 28 January 2009 »
ok so got the front bumper on lol well just temp couple bolts to see how it's gonna sit , brake callipers rubbed down n sprayed , also took mess outa the front bumper n sprayed it black , cleaned wheels up , interior gutted out and shampoo'ed ,

neway here's some pictures :D waiting on haynes manual lol before we touch the engine :)

will keep u posted :)

my own car atm lol sneaky pic

Your cars /
« on: 23:30, Tue 27 January 2009 »
well tbh it was a reconditioned engine that was bought and was never run it was bought and the guy couldnt be bolthered building it again !

yeah we have a full car garage with 5 bays to work at it , used to be an old peugeot garage , ill get more shots of the engine and around it , also got front bumper on there so ill put pics up 2moro

Your cars / My Project
« on: 00:45, Tue 27 January 2009 »
hello all from across the pool :D :D

Me and few mates are rebuilding a Ren 5 Turbo :) ive some knowledge of them but not alot lol the car has around 20k on engine lol , as engine is reconditioned !

here are some pics :D :D hope you enjoy all C&C welcome.

we started today and stripped parts of the car off to see if there was obvious rust and so on , found bottom of the car to be bad , rubbed the bottom of the car down and sealed it , then had the bottom of the car sprayed .

thats 1st set pics , any information at all about the car would be great , wot to look out for and so on , will keep u updated :D

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