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Your cars / Re: my R5GTTURBO
« on: 22:29, Sun 13 March 2011 »
Hi all i have been working on my car for a while now and have cut out the rust and replaced it with some new metal
i have spent hours cutting and welding metal in place but now i have got the bits done you carnt even see that the work has been done.

Your cars / Re: my R5GTTURBO
« on: 22:10, Fri 19 November 2010 »
my car went for an mot and failed on a few bits so i thought in stead of doing just the mot work i might as well rebuild the car from the ground up

so i have striped it down and found loads of rusty patches (time to weld her up) also i want to change the colour any sugestions

here are some pictures so far

General Chat / Re: turboing a campus
« on: 20:04, Tue 09 November 2010 »
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Quote from: "JonniJa"
my boss used to drive the r5 for prima racing he reckons there the bollox and i should go see um and tell them he sent me and i will get a good deal on stuff but i carnt be arsed tbh

I personally wouldn'thank you go to them mate, they woukd charge the earth for something thats fairly simple to do yourself. From what i saw of a mates conversion would never do the power they claimed

hi mark wouldnt use any of those compainse they all have your pants down ive seen some off what they sell on there site. plus kevin said his car used to blow up alot and gearbox wouldnt hack it

General Chat / Re: turboing a campus
« on: 20:24, Mon 08 November 2010 »
my boss used to drive the r5 for prima racing he reckons there the bollox and i should go see um and tell them he sent me and i will get a good deal on stuff but i carnt be arsed tbh

Spotted / Was It You? / white H reg
« on: 18:41, Mon 08 November 2010 »
saw this in southwell today  a white h reg one

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: air vents centre 3 gauge holder
« on: 08:45, Sun 20 June 2010 »
i wouldnt cut out the centre piece  i would just remove the vents and get athin piece of plastic to sit in the flush at the side so it goes over the middle piece.

General Chat / Re: bloody paypal
« on: 08:42, Sun 20 June 2010 »
Quote from: "ryanreed"
just contacted them...

they say the account has been closed and the balance is 00.12p :?

do you think its possable mny account dtails have been changed by sombody and spent all my money??

does anybody know of any other(safer) money exchanging sites on the net???

looks like somebodys got into my account.

same thing happend to my sister  but paypal stopped her acount as some body had used it and they new the ip was different from hers so the stopped the acount and contacted her.

General Chat / Re: clifford concept 650 alarm wireing
« on: 20:40, Mon 07 June 2010 »
you will still need abode reader from the link i sent you

you can download  the zip from my site

when you download it open it drag the folder to your desktop  then the wireing loom for the alarm is in there

General Chat / Re: clifford concept 650 alarm wireing
« on: 19:37, Mon 07 June 2010 »
hi ignor my last post i have download this zip file myself
you need to use adobe reader
get this here   download and install that then  simple open the zip file and click on the pages you want to read.
hope this helps

if you want me to  i can make this downloadable from my website save you all the bother of registering.

General Chat / Re: clifford concept 650 alarm wireing
« on: 19:27, Mon 07 June 2010 »
Quote from: "ryanreed"
cheers mate.

iv manages to download the files into my documants but when i click on it to view it it just goes onto google chrome and starts to download it again and then nothing hapens.

any ideas???

im not really any good with computers.

the file is a zip file  could you tell me what the extention name of the file inside the zip is eg html,php,pdf,jpg,giz etc  if you carnt open it  or you pc says find a program to read this type of file go to and download winrar its a zip and rar file reader and its free.

im not registerd on that site or i would download  it my self and have a look.

General Chat / Re: clifford concept 650 alarm wireing
« on: 21:09, Sun 06 June 2010 »
Quote from: "ryanreed"
can anybody help me with an alarm wireing diogram for the clifford concept 650 alarm.its the mk1 model.

iv searched google high and low but cant find 1.

cheers ... hp?t=18353
just down the page a tad look for

General Chat / Re: Was it a waste of time
« on: 17:12, Sun 06 June 2010 »
you could use any clear coat on them  go for a high gloss finish one  test it on a center cap first . High gloss on mine was shiny  also they do sell clear primer.

General Chat / Re: Insurance Q's
« on: 17:07, Sun 06 June 2010 »
FC was cheaper for me i have 4 years no claims and mine costs 330 year

General Chat / added a free images hosting site
« on: 16:02, Sun 06 June 2010 »
i have made a free and very simple image hosting site for every body to use.
theres no need to login but you can if you want to and make gallerys etc.
Comes with efects and the ability to draw

General Chat / Re: Computer Rant!
« on: 23:06, Tue 01 June 2010 »
steam lol  havnt bee on there for ages even with my 20 mb connection steam updates for ever
i used to play counter strike source in gaming clans etc. you can find maps i made for few game mods on fpsbanana  was 3rd for UK on clanbase :)

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