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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Suspension kit for track use
« on: 15:02, Wed 13 March 2013 »

I've been searching the web for a suspension kit for track use.
So far I've found these:
GAZ gold kit - ... lover-kits
AVO GTZ and GTX kits -

Anyone have any experience about these or perhaps some other kits on the track?

Newbies / Hello from Finland
« on: 18:25, Thu 10 January 2013 »
Hi all, I've had my R5 for about 13 years now so I thought it's about time to join this forum. My car was originally a 1.2 liter, 4-speed "rocket". I put a R11 turbo engine and gearbox in it a few years back. Now the car is in pieces again as I'm turning it into a track car.

Your cars / R5 track car project
« on: 19:50, Tue 08 January 2013 »
Hi all,
thought I'll share my project here. I'm turning my old R5 into a track car so I can take it to the track and have some fun. It's not an original GT turbo, unfortunately.
Any comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Here it is getting disassembled.

Engine coming out.

The engine.


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