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Other Renaults / which engine would best suit track days?
« on: 12:31, Sun 11 December 2011 »
hi guys, recently my engine went on my 5 campus, got offerd 40 scrap so though if i have nothing to loose why not make a track car out of it, there minimal rust with SOLID sills and a solid underside!

i dont want to put a c1j engine as i dont think it would hold out to well being thrashed around a track, im most likely looking for a n/a engine

i do believe the clio 172 engine can be put in with very minimal work, just one engine mount needs changing? i assume wireing will be tricky?

if anybody could shed some light on this conversion please help me,

any advice will be appriciated, thanks

Other Renaults / campus engine issue, help please?
« on: 11:24, Thu 08 December 2011 »
hi guys, iv got a campus and other night engine went bad on me, symptoms are:

plumes of black smoke from exhause
coolant light stuck on (no guage on campus)
engine runs Very rough and drinking fuel like a V8!

am i right in thinking its the headgasket?

theres bubbles in the coolant tank look like oil bubbles but cant be 100% sure

thanks guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo / head gasket's
« on: 10:40, Mon 05 December 2011 »
im pretty sure my head gasket is in early stages of going on my campus (1.4)

im wondering if the GT turbo gasket is the same? or are they much thinker for lower comp?

Do it yourself / Rear window Welding
« on: 14:59, Sat 03 December 2011 »
not sure where to put this post, but here seems best,

im looking for somebody in the north wales / north west area, whos willing to weld a 1.5 inch hole roughly in the rear window, looking at it the window will obviously have to be removed and a new piece of metal fabricated

and obviously im willing to pay

Thanks Dan

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cold start issue
« on: 21:46, Wed 16 November 2011 »
just laterly when my cars been cold trying to get it to run right seems more of a problem than its worth,

first it takes a little to get going, this is expected of a 18 year old car, but it dsounds like its running on only 2 / 3 cylinders untill i set of and get going,

any ideas why thins might be?

spark plug are fine

its a 94 campus 1400

Renault 5 GT Turbo / water pump issue
« on: 19:19, Wed 02 November 2011 »
can anybody tell me where this pipe is orginaly meant to go, some pikey who had the car before me has blocked it off for some reason

its a injection model not carb if it helps

Other Renaults / 2 issues with my 1.4 campus
« on: 15:10, Mon 31 October 2011 »
ok after closer inspection on my engine I found 2 things concerning me,

first one was ther water pump, theres a hole being blocked by a screw and tubing and I have no idea why?

water pump dosen't look in best of conditions maybe time for a replacement

second thing I found was a 'vacuum' pipe with a screw stuck in the end, I'm assuming this is out of the throttlebody front but when I fix it to there the engine idles really high, it runs ok with screw in tho maybee slight bit sluggish

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