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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Without venturi carburetor
« on: 14:10, Fri 24 December 2010 »
Hi, y buy a Carb on ebay, the seller say is a Group A on the sell, but.
When I got the carb, I had to see it to him and saw that he had not have venturi, I noticed the air corretor jet is 0.9, the main jet is 150 or above, i complained to the seller because of the carb venturi and he has  said:
(hi mate sorry i dont know the jet sizes all i know is that i spent a lot of money making the car race spec and i paid 100 pounds for the work on the carb to go faster hope this helps thanks luke
 - superman4010)

Today I mounted the carb on my car, before I've walked with a group A carburetor, this acquisition was to resell, the more I decided to test the engine worked beautifully, very stable relanti point, I felt more power in the media spin 2000/4000 RPM, good top end too, if anyone here know to be good to walk without venturi, it will be good for the engine, a carburetor do you guys think like this.

A picture of him

Events/Shows/Cruises / Madeira 2010 Pics
« on: 08:56, Mon 16 August 2010 »
Plus a Conviviality the Renault Owners enters well last.
I leave photos you scheme of them that they will appear.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carb problem
« on: 11:58, Tue 22 September 2009 »
Hello, I have a problem in mine carb, it are good, I had for a new kit of reconstruction. only that now the right carburetor not work in relanti, and the screw of Co2 does not make effect, in relanti the rotation of the engine assists between the 800 and 1400rpm, and when the car you in one uphill, capsized for top, the fixed rotation is nasd 1900rpm, in soil it starts to balance between the 800 and 1400rpm and the times goes below the engine. before reconstrui it to it with the new kit, it are good, this was after mounting the new kit, already I disassembled new it of seeing if some missed thing are, more you all the certain new leveio e of and you the equal one. what tink that can the problem, one helps please.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help. Adjustable Timing Vernier Pulley
« on: 12:25, Fri 17 July 2009 »
Hi, I have in my engine a piper cams 285 with the Vernier Pulley of origin. The car  only make me 6500rpm, when arriving 6500rpm the engine is like that it arrests. In a few days y go to put a Adjustable Timing Vernier Pulley of k-tec. I do not know what me make to the engine the adjustment.
For who he perceives of the subject, if I to delay it cam timing what make to the engine in performance level. e if I to give advance I cam timing what make.
what I look for my motor one was rotation above of 7000rpm.
Tanks for the help.

Events/Shows/Cruises / Photos of Renault meeting Madeira 2009
« on: 12:07, Fri 17 July 2009 »

Your cars / cliogtt from madeira island
« on: 20:15, Tue 20 June 2006 »
hello.ym from madeira island,i have a nice renault clio rt wid the r5gtt engine,y put some mods in my car,i love drive this car.

gtt turbo engine transplant
ktr tubular exaust manifold
turbo ktr-180 from k-tec
ktr t3 actuador
in-car boost control
large main jet
water injection sistem
dump valve forg grup a
lobster from BB
samco boost hoses
sfs silicone coolant hoses
c&s exaust
engine  crome cover

front branks from gtt
front suspension solex absorbers  wid spax springs
back suspension ,bilstein
wheels 15  bsa racing
tyres 195,45,15,

steering wheel sabelt
pedais sparco
punho sracing
boost gauge vdo

head unit sony
front spekers macron 50w rms com crossofers bonston
back spekers axton 100w rms
subwoffer groundzero 800w rms
grundzero condensor

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