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Your cars / My S2 Escort R S Turbo.
« on: 13:51, Wed 25 November 2009 »

its up for sale/swaps soon  :D as wanting a R5

Renault 5 GT Turbo / What should i look for in R5 turbo's
« on: 09:35, Wed 25 November 2009 »
I've been browsing within pistonheads and looking for a smart. good engine and well looked after. i know most commen problems on everycar but wanted some extra advice.

Looking on piston heads they go from 1,200-3000 3000grand ones have them bodykits chav normaly have, no offence.

Looking at a good car... where do they rot? whats the power for a reliable engine, and what power should you see with some nice mods.

I'm bored of not being out in the RS as its winter and cold, want a little project.  :D

Newbies / New Here
« on: 09:26, Wed 25 November 2009 »
Hello, new to the R5 forums, looking into buying one for some fun, currently own a 1987 Dreg Escort S2 RSturbo.

hope you dont mind me being here,  and maybe asking some questions.

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