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Spotted / Was It You? / white H reg
« on: 18:41, Mon 08 November 2010 »
saw this in southwell today  a white h reg one

General Chat / added a free images hosting site
« on: 16:02, Sun 06 June 2010 »
i have made a free and very simple image hosting site for every body to use.
theres no need to login but you can if you want to and make gallerys etc.
Comes with efects and the ability to draw

General Chat / port and polish
« on: 18:00, Mon 17 May 2010 »
ive spoken to northen rod enginering today and they have told me they dont do port and polish as there are so many down sides to it  they try to avoid it so what are the down sides?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / annoying noise
« on: 20:22, Sun 16 May 2010 »
hi all my car developed a slight rattle one morning like an exhaust clip or heat shield was lose
but now its getting worse and seems to be coming from the engine its self any help please.


Spotted / Was It You? / black one and a grey one
« on: 14:32, Sat 15 May 2010 »
seen 2 in newark now a black one thats on ebay  with cgb sticker on its still driving round not like on ebay  (been off road. "cough"  save your money)

and a grey one driving out top of same road i live on  in like  grey primer

General Chat / tyres
« on: 12:47, Sun 09 May 2010 »
does anybody know were to get standard tyres from as i get hold on any  nor can the garages that ive asked

General Chat / whats this
« on: 14:58, Mon 03 May 2010 »
does anybody no what this hole is for i dont think i saw it on my other engine block (in red circle)

General Chat / building engine
« on: 21:49, Sun 02 May 2010 »
im going to build my own engine from scratch today i picked up the block. There is a plack on it that says c1j/88 does 88 mean year? if so its a phase 2 right?

1st thing im going to strip the block as it came with pistons and liners. then im going to have it cleaned as it has rust on it and a bit in side were liners sit
2nd thing  im a bit unsure weather to use standerd pistons or get upgraded ones ie forge.
3rd im going to use piper cam 285 and uprated springs
4th group a head gasket and uprated strecher bolts
5th bigger turbo stage 2 or3  also port and polish head
6th lighted fly wheel

im unsure weather i will need an uprated fuel pump, clucth and just wanted some other peoples views and what they recomend.
which pistons should i use.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / tappets
« on: 10:28, Sat 01 May 2010 »
hi could some one tell me how to set the tappets please i have searched the forum and carnt find anything.


General Chat / engines
« on: 22:42, Fri 30 April 2010 »
c1j engine talk whats that all about? can some one please explain the engines.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / setting timing
« on: 12:26, Fri 30 April 2010 »
first off ive taken the tentioner off the timing chain is it suposed to fall apart?
second could anyone tell me how to set the timing back up please.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / little rattle
« on: 20:52, Tue 27 April 2010 »
hi everyone i had to rush my other half to hospital last week and went pretty quick on way but the nextday i noticed that when i rev the car it sounds like a heat shield rattle nosie but it seems to be coming from drive chain area / timing chain

any one else has this problem.

General Chat / chat room
« on: 21:19, Mon 19 April 2010 »
i just installed a simple chat room for renault 5 gt users anyone can join

forgot to say if the admins dont aprove feel free to deleate this

General Chat / right way for wheels
« on: 19:13, Mon 19 April 2010 »
any body no which way is the right way to have the standerd alloy wheels i have seen them on both ways so was just curious if there is a propper way

General Chat / what boost pressure
« on: 19:57, Sun 18 April 2010 »
hi i no its a little off topic but does anyody on here no what the standerd boost is on a zafira gsi. at the moment its 1.5 bar


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