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Your cars / My cars in UK: Clio Sport & GTT=> upgrade on progress
« on: 18:29, Sun 06 April 2008 »
Here are the cars I brougth with me across the channel :mrgreen:

my GTT :

And also my Clio Sport :

I'm upgrading my GT Turbo, and I'll update this thread day by day if you want me to :wink:

Newbies / Hi from France => in UK now !!!
« on: 19:00, Wed 30 November 2005 »
Hi everybody,

I was looking at the website when I was surprised and very pleased to see my ex GT Turbo Alain Oreille (Raider for you I think). :D

This one:

So I've decided to exchange with others owners from over the Channel. :wink:

Then, what about me?
I live in south of France, I'm 28 ( :cry: ), I was car salesman but I fight to create my own business.
Of course I love cars :wink:

Sorry for my old and rusted English :oops:

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