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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Dump please
« on: 13:11, Wed 15 October 2008 »
I have a GT Tuning dump valve atm, it has a pipe running from it back into the induction kit to recurculate air? it also does dump air aswell making the psstt noise wen driving but not when stood still, why is this? Also has anyone fitted an ssqv (HKS) or know if it will fit? do these also use a recurculating pipe? any advice, info or links would be great!

Thanks guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo / General advise!?
« on: 06:17, Sat 11 October 2008 »
1. I cant seem to find anyone who sells an adapter for the radio/cd player wiring. Do you know anyone who does or do you have a diagram of the wiring so i can "create" my own?

2. Im running around 210 bhp atm @ 1.7 bar and my area is full of dirty chavs driving round in corsas and saxos that have been pimped by halfords....SO i feel its my duty to make them eat r5 power whenever i get the chance! In doing so from a standing start (traffic lights etc) my car wheel spins alot in 1st an 2nd gear causing the front end to sort of bounce up n down, is this likely to damage anything?

3. Original seats retrimmed or new buckets? im leaning towards the former.

      Many Thanks!!

Your cars / 225 BHP . . . and need advice on future plans!
« on: 22:03, Thu 10 July 2008 »
Here are a few pics of my 1988 R5 Turbo, 50k on clock and has run like new for 6 months that i have owned it and not 1 problem. Most of the engine has been changed or uprated in some way hence the power althought traction in lower gears is a problem :) Full spec to be added soon!

General Chat / Pictures??
« on: 16:58, Thu 10 July 2008 »
hey just wondering how to get my pics onto my post in the forum? thanks

Newbies / Hello!
« on: 20:24, Wed 09 July 2008 »
Hey, i recently bought a 1988 R5 GT Turbo. Fairly standard body work and interior but engine is heavily tuned and moded producing 200+ BHP depending on settings!

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