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Renault 5 GT Turbo / turbo conversion
« on: 15:41, Thu 20 March 2008 »
so, here's the question.. a frind of mine just bought a renault 11 coupe 1.4lnormally aspirated, and he's thinking of a turbo conversion. what do we need in order to do that? i presume that we'll need a turbo head, carb and intake/exhaust manifolds. also an electric fuel pump and pressure regulator. what else do you know we need in order to make this conversion? what are the possible problems we'll encounter? thanks!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / lowering the r5
« on: 19:05, Wed 19 March 2008 »
finally, after 2 days of hard work, hammered nails, and lots of nuts and bolts broken, i managed to lower the car. now, the question is: did i do it properly? i'm only asking because i've seen that there are 2 torsion bars on the rear. and i only worked with the one bolted on the chassis. took the bars out, re-fitted them in a lower position and that was it. should've I take out the bars between the arms? or did i guessed right about taking out only the bar bolted on the chassis?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / enough bhp, but no torque
« on: 17:46, Sun 16 March 2008 »
what could be the problem? this started months ago, but i still didn't fgure it out.. the car's pulling good at high rpm but it doesn't have that "instant explosion" that it used to. it's like i have no torque. the car is stock. before, when i floored it, it took like half a second and then jumped ahead. now, it just revs normally until it reaches max pressure (about 4000-4500 rpm) then pulls good enough. can someone give me a hint?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil pressure dam' low
« on: 13:03, Tue 05 February 2008 »
ok, so here it is: i ain't gettin no more than 2 at the oil pressure gauge. fisrt i presumed that that gauge was faulty. but no i've come to think about something major problem. i don't think is the gauge. i tested the oil pump and to me it's ok. i mean, i took it off, put it in a oil tank and spinned it with my hand. and it's pushing oil hard on that hole. i presume that it's ok. so, question is, what else could drop my oil pressure? the shells are in good condition. could the radiator be chocked or something? or what else? i dunno..gimme some hints, please, coz this prob it's tearing appart my engine! :x

Your cars / PH I GTT
« on: 22:00, Sun 27 January 2008 » here it baby. R5 GTT PH I '86. not too many mods here, and not a specific reason to post it. but, on the other hand, i won't be starting a million threads about my probs, i'll just put them here. :)
mods 'till now: nissan 200sx intercooler, rejetted carb, boost-controller, BOV, lowered the front end of the car, the back end is next. put on the campus bumper (what a shame, i know), coz i didn't find any GTT bumpers here. something else? i dunno.. so, here it is:

this a new one.. the car started to "smoke" a lot. surprisingly, not when i floor it down, but mor'e when it's idleing or when it's reving down. i put "the pedal to the metal", no prob. when i release the pedal, first it's ok, then lot of smoke starts coming of the exhaust. first i thought the turbo was living its last days, but now i've to think about more about the valve seals (or rings, dunno the exact term but you know what i'm talking about). the piston rings i guess are ok, they've been changed this summer. although, i over-heated the engine 2 or 3 times. not really bad but the temp reached that third line, like 2/3 of the max temp showed on the gauge. what do you say?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / too rich mixture! way to rich!
« on: 13:30, Tue 18 December 2007 »'s another one for you.. although my carb seems to be the plain-all stock one, it keeps the mixture too rich no matter what. the main gas jet is 120..not too big, not too small. wtf? the spark plugs - dark black, the exhaust..same thing. i have to clean my plugs every 5 days or else the engine on't start in the morning. and if pull the choke, all plugs get wet. what could it be? something blocked in the air jet or something? give me a hint please!  btw, since we're here, can you advise me in buying some new spark plugs? what should i be looking for? if it's forbidden to mention manufacters, you can PM me. thanks.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / air getting into the cooling system
« on: 15:43, Sun 16 December 2007 »
for those who haven't already figured that out, i'm not that used to the technical terms (doh!), but i hope i can make myself understood and get the hlp i need with my probs. so, this being said..i seem to be having this weird prob with the cooling system on this car. dunno why but air get in it, resulting in poor engine cooling and no heat inside the car. or at least, this is what i think, the air getting there. one thing is sure, the engine doesn't have the cooling it used to have and i have no heat inside. the only plausible cause i see here is the air. do you have any suggetions? pls hlp! tnx! :?

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